Abacus Method

Abacus Maths Tuition Glasgow run by British Youth IT College. We use the Abacus tool and concept at our Super Maths Academy, to help children learn the technique.

Finger Theory

Finger theory is the first step in learning abacus. Here, children learn to carry out ...
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Abacus Tool

Most people have heard of and have seen an abacus, but few truly understand the usage ...
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Abacus Technique

Once the children have began to master combinations using finger theory, they move ont...
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Mental Theory

The final, hardest, but most impressive stage of the abacus technique is when our students...
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Join us for first free trial class this Summer. Call at 0141 946-3699 or email - - to book your FREE TRIAL CLASS OR click on contact us button to fill an online form. We have centres in South Side and West end of Glasgow. We have recently opened ABACUS maths classes in Edinburgh Central. Please click on Contact us to know more about us.

Benefits of Abacus

The importance of brain development is vital to optimise the growth of the human brain and its function. Through studies in developmental neurobiology, it is proven that experiences in early life affects different stages of development and aiding a child’s learning, helps provide the brain with a promising beginning.

Brain Development

The importance of brain development is vital to optimise the growth of the human brain and its function. Throu...

Confidence Building

Abacus Maths Technique is a way for younger kids to gain confidence with just going into school they will also underst...

Mastering Arithmetic

Mastering Arithmetic using Abacus Maths Practising the Abacus mathematics tool is an effective way for children to

Having fun with Maths

Abacus - Kids have fun!!   At super maths we have 3 classes running at the moment on Saturday day times. We

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Abacus Maths Classes Glasgow are aligned with Scottish Curriculum
Abacus Maths Classes Glasgow are aligned with Scottish Curriculum Not only in Scotland but first time ever in the world history Abacus maths is aligned with any problem solving methods. This will a...
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Abacus Maths Challenge 2017
Abacus Maths Challenge 2017
Abacus Maths Challenge The ABACUS Maths Challenge was be held on Saturday the 17th of June 2pm to 4pm at the Communi
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Children’s Talent Show Glasgow
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