Thanks a million to honorary chief guest Dr Charan Gill (MBE) and founder Ashoka group of restaurants – for coming and honouring kids with awards and trophies. All the kids who participated are heroes. Well done all the winners and star performers. We had 11 groups in total and 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank awards have been given to each of the groups. Shona (Rajsee) Saraf was a superwinner out of all the 11 groups. Special thanks to all the parents and volunteers who supported wholeheartedly. Visit us on and for more info

Dhruv the human calculator

Dhruv displays excellent mental calculation skills

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Hafsa Malik

Hafsah shows off what she\'s been learning at the Abacus Maths Class

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Karan

Karan shows how much one can really learn in just 4 weeks!

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Namit

Namit impresses us with his mental calculations