Abacus Maths Technique is a way for younger kids to gain confidence with just going into school they will also understand more about maths and be able to do a little bit more complex than they should be at Primary One and Two. This will also give the older class some advantages like dealing with a little responsibility and using their knowledge to help others, and one of the best ways to consolidate learning is to teach others, our mentoring opportunities provide this.

More and more parents are coming back and telling us that their kids really look forward to doing our homework that we give the kids and that they don’t look forward to do school homework. This may be because our physical approach the maths, instead of all in the brain or using a calculator, we use finger theory which help the kids calculate faster than using a calculator, we also use the abacus as a tool at the start but the further they go on they learn to memorise the abacus in the mind meaning all they need to use to calculate any sum is their memory and mind. You can see videos of our abacus kids on our YouTube Channel.

Dhruv the human calculator

Dhruv displays excellent mental calculation skills

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Hafsa Malik

Hafsah shows off what she\'s been learning at the Abacus Maths Class

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Karan

Karan shows how much one can really learn in just 4 weeks!

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Namit

Namit impresses us with his mental calculations