The unique abacus method of teaching mathematics to kids has attracted attention from various media outlets, including Awaz FM, STV 2 and BBC Scotland.

Dr Rashmi Mantri has also been interviewed on the importance of teaching children computer skills and coding in the digital age. She recently featured in an article by the Sunday Herald where she commented on how beneficial, as well as enjoyable, it is for kids to learn programming.


Dhruv the human calculator

Dhruv displays excellent mental calculation skills

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Hafsa Malik

Hafsah shows off what she\'s been learning at the Abacus Maths Class

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Karan

Karan shows how much one can really learn in just 4 weeks!

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Namit

Namit impresses us with his mental calculations