Dr Rashmi Mantri interview on Awaz FM – 8/03/19 Dr Rashmi Mantri Interview with AwazFM Dr Rashmi Mantri was once again invited to appear on national radio this week after her interview with the BBC in January (click here to see that). This time it was with AwazFM where Dr Mantri spoke passionately about Supermaths, her background and inspiration. She gave her opinion on the education system and how to improve it. These are just some of the ...

Dr Rashmi Mantri on BBC Radio Scotland – 29/01/19

Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder and director of The British Youth International College and Supermaths, gets invited onto the "Mornings with Kaye Adams" BBC Radio Scotland show. Listen to the full discussion by clicking here. The segment begins at exactly 1:54:00 with an introduction by Kaye Adams. Dr Rashmi Mantri starts giving her input at 1:57:00. The segment lasts for about 30 minutes and is well worth a listen. A discussion on codi...

Supermaths Top Tips

Top 4 Reasons Our English Courses Are Your Best Option We are fully aware that people in need of English courses for themselves or for their children have plenty of options in Glasgow. Nonetheless, it is believed that our learning academy is superior to every other institution in the local area. We take what we do very seriously, knowing that what students learn with us will influence the rest of their lives. We offer English classes to bot...

Childrens English Classes Glasgow

Childrens English Classes Glasgow
Children's English Classes Glasgow At Super Maths and English we are starting up Childrens English Classes based in Glasgow all in accordance with the Scottish curriculum. It has been under construction by our highly qualified English Teachers for about 1 year. We have been doing this course on public demand only. The British Youth IT College will be introducing an English course for kids of all ages. Primary school through to 6th year of secondary s

ITV Show – Little Big Shots 2018 – Human Calculators

Many Congrats, Dhruv, Rhythm, Himani and Himanshi on ITV Show LITTLE BIG SHOTS with Dawn French. Here is a full video recording, Congrats to the Proud parents, Devender Singh and Manoj Maheshwari The segment 'Human Calculators' left Dawn French absolutely blown away by their skills. It was not only the legendary comedian, but also the commentators on social media were equally mesmerized by the skills of the students. The trick to their magic? Supe

STV 2 Show Live at 5pm – Dr Rashmi Mantri and Dhruv Maheshwari

Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder of the British Youth IT College, was invited on to STV 2’s “Live at Five” segment to tell the story behind running the SuperMaths classes and the success her son has encountered in maths since being introduced to the abacus. Live at Five is a Scottish topical entertainment programme which covers the latest in Scotland’s cultural scene. Abacus Dr Mantri’s son, Dhruv Maheshwari, was struggling with simple mathematics: he would...

Awaz FM interview – Dr Rashmi Mantri and Supermaths Students

Awaz FM interview – Dr Rashmi Mantri and Supermaths Students
Awaz FM interview 107.2 It excites us to announce that Dr. Rashmi Mantri and some of the Supermaths kids will be on Awaz FM’s popular program AAjkal with Manjulika. Rashmi, along with pupils Zahra, Shona, Abu, Divena and Vidhi. They will take part in the Awaz FM interview with presenter Manjulika about the benefits of learning Abacus and the kids’ experiences of studying the Abacus method. Tune in to Awaz FM on 107.2 FM from 11am – 12pm to hear the inte

Benefits of Abacus Mathematics

Benefits of the Abacus Method In a previous blog, that you can read by clicking here, we stated that there is research validating the abacus method for learning mathematics. One such study by researchers from the University of California, Stanford University, Skidmore College and Harvard Univesity have confirmed that that abacus method accomplishes at least 2 things. It significantly boosts maths skills by teaching the student to visualise calculatio

Abacus Method Validated by Research

Abacus Method Validated by Research In the very beginning, Supermaths was about teaching mathematics using the Abacus method and nothing has changed. We are of the firm belief that the Abacus is the most effective way to learns maths which has now been backed up by independent scientific research. Children who learn maths using the Abacus have been shown to perform better in many aspects of life. We've had so much success that we are now offering

Supermaths and Fun Learning

Our Primary Goal The primary goal of Supermaths is to teach English as a first or second language while also making learning fun. This can be in the form of online or classroom learning with the same coursework regardless of method. Teaching children is so important to us because the better equipped a child is the farther ahead they will be when making their own way in the world. Key skills include mastery of vocal communication and writing so they can co