BYITC Franchise Programme

Choose from our multiple buckets of subjects- Abacus Maths, English, Coding, Cyber Security.

If you have a passion to make children thrive while making a substantial earning potential for yourself then BYITC Franchise Programme is the right opportunity for you. We are a globally trusted name in imparting education, skilling children and making them future ready with our detailed structured programmes. We are the first Abacus training company to introduce World’s first Games based learning application for integrated learning solutions.

Abacus Maths (Mental Arithmetic) Franchise

We, at the BYITC believe in introducing innovation in every aspect of the business, especially with our Game-based Abacus Supermaths Franchise centers. Consequently, we are the first Abacus training company to introduce a fully working Abacus Supermaths learning application with an integrated digital Abacus. Our state-of-the-art Abacus Web Application is the first e-Abacus system where every part of Abacus teaching is done digitally.

Who Can Become Our Partner ?

    Our business model doesn’t have any entry barriers. It’s an all-inclusive model for people who are:

  • Professionals looking for an alternate source of income
  • Housewives
  • Females who prefer to work from home or are looking for a platform post sabbatical
  • Teachers
  • Retired professionals
  • Student Learners
  • And FOR YOU!

Abacus Maths (Mental Arithmetic) Franchise

We, at the British Youth International College believe in introducing innovation in every aspect of the business, especially with our abacus maths franchise centers. Consequently, we are the first Abacus training company to introduce a fully working Abacus maths learning application with an integrated digital Abacus. Our state-of-the-art Abacus Web Application is the first e-Abacus system where every part of Abacus teaching is done digitally.

Benefits of becoming a BYITC Franchise

As the owner of our abacus maths franchise, you benefit in several ways like:

  • Alliance with a global brand

    We are proud to say that BYITC is the leading Game-based Abacus Supermaths institute in the world . By aligning with us through the online education franchise, you gain the benefit of a strong brand and the goodwill that comes with being a global brand.

  • Best software

    The software we use for imparting Abacus education through our Game-based Abacus Supermaths Franchise is the first of its kind in the whole world. We make no distinction and share the software with our online education franchise partners so that all Abacus students across the world can benefit from it.

  • Proven business model

    The franchise system of doing business is quite popular. It is a proven no risk no loss business model. Opening our abacus franchise is a lucrative option since we offer all kinds of support and guidance regarding the marketing, operations

  • Low investment

    Typically as any other franchise, setting up our Game-based Abacus Supermaths Franchise requires very little investment. Since both online and offline classes are held, students have the option of availing either of the two based on their convenience. This helps the online education franchise gain success faster.

  • Study Content and teaching materials

    Session wise class work content, audio Visuals, HW, assessment materials will shared on our application which can be easily accessed simultaneously by the teachers and the students, even on the go.

  • Teacher’s Training

    BYITC provides Teachers Training to our franchise partners and with an International Certification thereafter. You can benefit from our world class trainers as well as multiple training sessions on class quality, Concepts and Self-development.

  • Ease of operations

    Our fully digital business model helps you avoid operational hassles and gives you a complete access to portals which helps in Teachers management, staff management, Enquiry management and Student management as well.

  • Marketing Guidance

    BYITC provides a comprehensive 3 month marketing guide to our partners. Complete support and guidance on Social Media an Digital Marketing as well as free marketing collaterals.

Our franchise

Partner saves a lot of time with the help of our Abacus Web Application. The whole teaching of our online education franchise can be done online, the system is also capable of assigning homework and check once the student has submitted the homework.

The system implemented at our Abacus maths franchise also generates the student progress report and shares them with the teacher and parents. Thus, our online education franchise gains a system that is complete in all aspects. Such efficiency will help bring visibility to our Abacus maths franchise partners there by increasing its demand in the locality.

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    Abacus Maths Franchise FAQ’s

    Our software is an Game-based learning software that eliminates manual teaching work. The students or teacher need not do any manual work, the whole learning process is digital. The software provides classwork, and ensures that the child is achieving the class objectives. It also assigns the homework and checks it automatically as soon the student submits homework. It generates student learning reports every week and shares them with teacher and parents.

    We need motivated partners who want to make a positive change in the world of education. We also look for additional attributes like education level, experience etc.

    Our franchisee model is very flexible and requires a reasonable investment with good ROI. We have designed it in a way where we have minimized most expenses so that every interested person should be able to fulfil the dream of starting their own business.

    The space is not a mandatory requirement. You can run online classes where classrooms are not required however, if you wish to have an enquiry office or run offline classes then you may have to arrange a space.

    The earning potential is huge but it completely depends upon your vision. If you want to devote less time or want to work on a part-time basis then earnings will go less otherwise if you do it full-time there is no limit of earning. We will detail the earning potential when you will connect with us.

    We have students from almost every part of the world and we are continuously adding new partners. We are open to provide franchise for most parts of the world, barring a few. Let us know about your location and we may discuss more.

    Franchisee success is our success and we understand it very well. As soon as the franchise agreement is signed, a Franchise Success Manager is assigned to you. We will help you set up business operations, provide support in promotions and creatives, train you and your staff on enquiry counselling and admission process, arrange training support etc. We will share our expertise with you whenever you need us

    As soon the agreement is signed, the franchise can start doing business within 7 business days. Our process is well set up and doesn’t require a long wait.

    The franchisee is provided for a period of 3 years at first. This can be renewed.

    Yes, you can become a franchise. We have part-time options as well.

    Yes, this program is very beneficial for schools. The students get an edge in terms of mental development and faster calculations. A school can also become a franchisee and run this program in the school. Research has shown that Abacus students are better at understanding new concepts faster and perform better in the school curriculum.

    While you are new, we will support you under our Three Months Franchisee Hand Holding Program where we will help you set up marketing and social media pages, train you on social media campaigns and promotions, train you on parents counselling, train you about CRM usage etc.

    We use a CRM to manage our enquiries, counselling process and enrollments. The franchise owner will have to become a user of CRM. The CRM will ensure that all enquiries are in place and effectively counselled. The CRM makes the whole enquiry and admission process smooth and automatic.

    Game-based Abacus Supermaths Franchise