Leveraging technology for better results

The online Abacus Math classes are a welcoming and educational environment for students. Our Supermaths Academy introduces the use of the Abacus tool, emphasizing both its physical application and the corresponding mental theory concepts. Our technology-based teaching methodology ensures a better grasp of the concepts and quicker course completion. Our game-based application integrates an optimal blend of fun and educational games into the classes, promoting enhanced comprehension and retention.

Course Structure

Our courses are crafted through extensive research in child psychology and are scientifically designed to cater to the individual needs of each child. Recognizing the uniqueness of each child, the courses are customized to align with their specific requirements, pace, and level of comprehension.


    • Junior Track – Junior Track has 11 Levels. (Kids up to 9 years)
    • Senior Track – Senior Track has 8 Levels. (kids above 9 years)

Each of our abacus levels lasts at least 12 weeks.
This track bifurcation helps us to accommodate varying learning styles, paces, and levels of proficiency among students. These tracks provide a tailored approach, allowing each learner to progress at a suitable speed and depth, optimizing the effectiveness of Abacus instruction.

Why BYITC Online Abacus Classes

  • Technology-infused teaching methodology
  • Games-based interactive learning
  • Customisable to meet requirements
  • User-friendly and easily accessible
  • Ample amount of practice work and tasks
  • Builds confidence and facilitates concentration and brain development
  • Skilled teachers trained by our own academy ensure 100% adherence to processes