What is Abacus Maths?

Abacus Maths is an ancient technique which helps children learn to calculate faster than a calculator. We use the Abacus tool and concept at our Supermaths Academy in UK to help children learn this technique. Initially, the child starts calculations using their fingers, then they start using abacus tool and in final stage they start visualising Abacus tool in their mind and calculate using mental maths.

What is Mental Maths and why it is important for kids to learn it?

Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculations carried out by the mind using mental power, without using any physical or external instruments such as a computer, calculator, paper or pencil, or ever fingers. Most people have heard of mental arithmetic and possibly carry out basic sums in their head, for change, or simple addition, our students learn to go far beyond this into realms that seem almost impossible to imagine. Your child will visualise the abacus to arrive at the answer. Maths becomes fun, not just a subject, but something that actually enjoy as a hobby. Our students can give you answers in the same time, or even faster than an electronic calculator.

Where did the idea of using Abacus come from and why did you introduce it the first time in Scotland?

I have a 10 year old son and he wasn’t focusing well in his studies, he used to lose concentration every 5 minutes and make excuses not to study. I tried many other methods in teaching him and nothing works. It was then that I thought about trying to teach him maths through the Abacus tool.

It gave me amazing results, my son is not only calculating with speed and accuracy, but his overall brain is improved, he is able to focus better in all of his other subjects as well. Not only is he improving maths, but it is also boosting his confidence and enthusiasm.

We experimented it with one of our students and we realised his memory has also improved, along with his listening skills and concentration level.

These amazing results really made me realise that this should be being taught and available for people in Scotland. This is what lead us to create the Supermaths Academy.

How does Abacus Maths help in learning with school curriculum

Abacus maths helps children to learn their school maths with speed and accuracy and improves their general concentration. Our students teachers are often amazed at the speed at which they can carry out mental arithmetic. However, learning abacus is not only limited to mathematical skills development but has show overall mind expansion in day to day life as well, enhancing creativity and imagination with all round academic excellence.

Is there any research being performed in this area?

Associate professor of the University of Chicago, Dr. James Stigler, wrote his thesis about abacus study. According to his research 50 children from a non abacus institute of average IQ were taken against another 50 children from an abacus institute. The memory tests were taken on the visual memory scale. The results showed that the abacus learners at the end of one and two years had a better visual memory when compared to non-abacus learners.

what is the duration of the classes?

Classes generally run for an average of 2 hours per week. Class timings are evenings and weekends. We are operating in various local areas as well. People can enquire through our website

Do you give homework?

Yes, homework is given for six days of he week. It is a mental maths development programme and children are required to devote at least 15 minutes practise every day with strict regularity. This is required for children to really reach their maximum potential and to become a mastermind.

What if children go on holidays?

Children are able to go on holidays, homework is given during the holidays and they are encouraged to complete this. They can opt not to take homework but it is highly recommended that they should not leave practise out as this really is a crucial part of success with abacus maths.

How many levels are there in the course?

There are 8 levels to the course and each level takes 12 weeks to complete.

What is included in the course curriculum?

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Decimal

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Percentage

  • Fractions

  • Square Roots

  • Fractions addition, Fraction subtractions, Fraction Multiplication, Fraction Division

The sky really is the limit to learn the higher number of digits. It all depends on how far the child can read and visualise the abacus, and doing this takes practise.

What are the most exciting moments of your course?

Using abacus itself is a great way of learning, and we have buzzer rounds during classes where children are teamed up together and they get to have fun while learning mathematical skills, quite different from the usual somber maths classroom environment. The winning teams get rewards and bragging rights.

How does Abacus maths course help in a Career progression?

Learning abacus is a real life time achievement and can be applied to progress a career in any stream, but especially in areas like Engineering, Research, Teaching, IT, Accountancy and Finance, Banking, Marketing and Economics.