Supermaths and English Franchise Opportunity Flexible working whilst making a real difference

Supermaths and English is a management franchise with a tutoring twist. It suits both those looking for a management franchise opportunity and those looking for an education franchise, as teaching can be hands-on or hands-off as desired.

If you are looking to come out of the industry or looking for some extra income, into a field where you can make a real difference to children’s education, then Super Maths and English franchise could be for you.

Supermaths and English workshops offer Abacus Maths and English tutoring in small groups to children from the age of 6 to 14 years.

Each student studies a two-strand program of curriculum support and core skills development. In addition to subject skills, it helps in Brain Development, Confidence Development, Concentration, Problem-Solving Skills, Reasoning, Memory Improvement, Study Skills, and Social Skills.

NOTE We have adopted this course based on the UK syllabus. (More information and training will be given about this as we go along)

Getting you off to a strong start

You will need to be confident and have the ambition and determination to succeed in business and achieve the high earning potential of the franchise. We provide all the training needed for you to be able to start up your own business.

From day one, you’ll receive the support and security of being part of an established and

profitable brand, and you’ll be given the tools to hit the ground running and build a business that works for you

What’s involved?

Children’s ABACUS Maths classes start with the friendly and educational introduction to the use of the Abacus tool and the underlying concepts. We then, step by step proceed to more complex sums. The whole syllabus will be provided printed as part of the magazine and also available on the website

A centre manager runs each workshop session and liaises with parents on their child’s progress.

If you have never taught before, there is nothing to worry about.  Our  program  and  training provide you with all the tools you need to prepare the programs for each child and our tutoring training program shows your staff how to deliver an excellent Supermaths and English experience.

Back in the office, a Supermaths and English franchise markets their business, prepares work for the students, divert sales calls to you – basically everything you would expect a small business owner to be responsible for. For those who have never run a business, our comprehensive training and support package provides you with access to decades of experience and practical guidance on all aspects of running a small business.

Teachers training – Full course, training time 3 months. Where all the teachers will be trained as per the Supermaths curriculum, study module, Supermaths Course, Syllabus etc.

Investment Level

Initial franchisee fee is payable as agreed with the Supermaths Head Office, and its not refundable after 5 weeks of the trial period.

Your monthly fee (30% of each child) includes access to both our unique Supermaths and English language course contents including full marketing support and full teachers training from our office based in UK. If you take a franchisee from us then there is not need to pay extra for teachers training as main part of the franchise is learning the method which we will teach u for no extra cost and will be included in the franchisee fees

New territory will be considered as a full new franchise and at a time will be given to one individual.

All our material is copyright. Correct number of registrations must be informed to the Supermaths Head Office anytime.

For more details please email on [email protected]