Supermaths Academy Profile & History

About Us

Supermaths Academy is based in Scotland and we have fully trained teachers to guide children to learn mathematics through our Abacus learning program.

We have refined the original concept of Abacus into an easy learning platform to help develop children’s mental calculations and mathematical ability.

Our Vision

We find that the best learning age for children to use our program is between 6 to 12 years old. This is because one of the largest and most significant growth periods in the human brain happen between this age, and it is important that children learn abacus young so it can become second nature to them.

During this time, children primarily use both sides of their brain and develop a wider sense of imagination and have faster learning capability. However, once passed this stage, they start using the left side of the brain more and thoughts become more rational.

Our Mission

Starting at 6 years old, this age is one of the best time periods to learn as this is when the part of brain that handles problem-solving and mathematical equations starts to grow rapidly. It is also significant time period to enhance creativity, thought processing and calculations as both sides of the brain work together.

With both sides of the brain collaborating, this makes learning much more effective. Our program at Supermaths Academy is taught over a total duration of around 30 months and is divided into 10 levels.

Our Strategy

We break up our program into terms throughout the year and each term consists of approximately 12 classes taught over 3 months.

Each class is 2 hours long, takes place on Saturday, and therefore does not interfere with a school curriculum.

This allows your child to learn easily, effectively and focus on their program to the best of their ability. If you would like to know more about our program or like to enroll your child onto our program, please contact us.

Abacus Method

Abacus Maths Tuition UK and Worldwide run by British Youth International College. We use the Abacus tool and concept at our Super Maths Academy, to help children learn the technique.


Finger theory is the first step in learning abacus. Here, children learn to carry out calculations up to 99 quickly, using their fingers, using special combinations which they will be taught.


Most people have heard of and have seen an abacus, but few truly understand the usage of this, and how powerful using an abacus can be.


The final, hardest, but most impressive stage of the abacus technique is when our students learn to use mental theory. We teach them to visualise an abacus in their mind. This is where....


Once the children have began to master combinations using finger theory, they move onto using the abacus tool to become masters of using this. We provide an abacus tool as part of their training and they...

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