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World's 1st Games based Abacus Maths Application

Game-Based Learning to Ace Abacus and Master Mathematics

Abacus is an excellent tool to help children learn mathematics and ace rapid calculations with ease. Now, BYITC Supermaths experts have combined the benefits of Abacus with the joy of gaming to curate a game-based learning App. This digital application leverages the power of game-based learning to deliver the benefits of the Abacus tool.

How Game-based Abacus Maths application works?

The Abacus Game- A Fun and Innovative Way to Hone Quantitative Skills

Your child’s brain is a rapidly developing marvel that undergoes many formative changes during the early years. If you want to set your kids up for success, you must equip them with brain-boosting habits. Practising mental mathematics can build lifelong quantitative prowess, helping children improve their academic performance and succeed in the future. The Abacus game helps children engage with the exciting world of mathematics. The gamified approach incorporates engagement and interactivity into the process of learning. Game-based Abacus Maths Learning ensures holistic cognitive development and transforms your child’s mental capabilities!

Transform Your Child’s Brain Power- Abacus Classes with a Difference

The traditional Abacus aids children in learning mental mathematics. But the new-age Abacus Game does so much more than that! It assists in holistic brain development and helps your kids have fun. If you want your children to excel in school and life, an Abacus class with a difference is your best bet. Choose an Abacus institute that uses the gamified approach to help your children master the skills necessary for a lifetime!

Learning From the Best

The British Youth International College is a pioneer of cutting-edge teaching methodologies and immersive learning experiences. Our highly trained instructors help children master the nuances of the Abacus game.They use game-based learning platforms to encourage children to maximise their cognitive potential. The instructor-led model of game-based learning ensures that the students are supported effectively at every stage of their learning journey. The game-based Abacus maths learning process compels children to test their cognitive limits and improve their performance substantially!

Game-Based Learning- The New-Age Pedagogy to Train Young Minds

BYITC Supermaths uses cutting-edge teaching tools and game-based learning platforms to help students master the Abacus. The gamification strategy yields excellent benefits. Children enjoy playing games and engage with them more effectively than with traditional teaching tools. As a result, they practise the Abacus more frequently, developing critical skills to visualise, memorise, analyse, and calculate. Digital games pose exciting challenges to children, encouraging them to hone their critical thinking abilities. They assess situations and respond with logical solutions while simultaneously honing their mathematical skills. The game-based learning system fuels your child’s brain power and helps them achieve their full potential!

The World’s First Abacus Game Application- Advantages to Leverage

Studies have shown that playing the Abacus Game helps children get a grasp on complex mathematical concepts. For example, they can master fractions and decimal arithmetic with ease when they practise Abacus on their game-based learning platforms.

The world’s pioneering web application for game-based Abacus maths learning allows children to leverage the following advantages:

  • Improves problem-solving skills.
  • Sharpens memory and enhances concentration.
  • Enhances speed and accuracy while solving sums.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem.
  • Contributes to better academic performance in mathematics and more.
  • Ensures the development of both sides of the brain. Improves hand-eye coordination and quick strategic responses.