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Dr Rashmi Mantri, founder and director of The British Youth International College and Supermaths, gets invited onto the “Mornings with Kaye Adams” BBC Radio Scotland show.

The segment begins at exactly 1:54:00 with an introduction by Kaye Adams, BBC Radio Scotland show. Dr Rashmi Mantri starts giving her input at 1:57:00. The segment lasts for about 30 minutes and is well worth a listen.

A discussion on coding, communication and modern skill requirements.

The main topic of discussion was the importance of computer coding skills over traditional inter-communication skills in the education of children.

Hence, Rashmi was asked about and she offered her opinion on a number of topics which you can see below:

  • There is a skills shortage for IT skills as demonstrated in a report by recruitment firm Robert Walters, in partnership with Jobsite and Totaljobs. It shows that “65% of employers believe that they will face skills shortages in 2018“.
  • Both coding skills and communication are important with a balance between the two.
  • Technology is here to stay, to pretend otherwise is wrong. Therefore, teaching children to code helps them a great deal.
  • The success of apprenticeships in coding would be greater if introduced to children at a younger age.
  • Rashmi acknowledges that coders can grow up introverted due to the solitary nature of programming. Which is why a healthy balance of coding and communication in education is important.
  • BYITC also offers classes on building your own PC, and other classes that incorporate teamwork, communication and collaboration when coding.
  • Coding can help with Logic building, brain development and confidence building.

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