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Abacus Maths

Abacus is an ancient tool used for the calculations. We use the Abacus tool and concept at our Supermaths Academy in UK, to help children learn this technique. Children learn to calculate faster than a calculator.

This method was used to build massive monuments like pyramids in the old age, when there were no calculators or measuring taps, they used to make an abacus in the sand caluclated their measurements that way.

Initially, the child starts calculations using their fingers, then they start using abacus tool and in the final stage they start visualising an ABACUS Tool in their mind and complete calculations using mental maths.

Abacus Maths is not about learning maths, it’s better to call it a life skill like swimming and cycling. Once children learn how to visualise abacus in their mind, after practising for some time, they can master it and use their mind like a calculator for rest of their life.

English Classes

English is not only the primary language of the UK, it is also the dominant language of global business, trade, politics, science, and healthcare. This suggests that the benefits of being fluent in English are extraordinary. Our English language class for kids in UK equips students to master the English language, thus improving their long-term prospects during adulthood.

Our English course is designed to improve:

Grammar Confidence Building Writing Reading skills Spelling Our professional and fully-trained educators use teamwork, games, refocusing techniques, and goal-setting to ensure that every child gets the best possible education in English.
Free Trial Class Agenda

What is Abacus Maths?

What is Mental Maths and why it is important for kids to learn it?

Where the IDEA of using ABACUS came from and why did I introduce it for the first time in Scotland?

How does ABACUS Maths help in learning with school curriculum?

Is there any research being performed in this area?

How Abacus Maths become fun?

Sums by tutor

Demonstration of the method by videos

Opportunity to ask questions and discuss the course contents

Talk about the Mental Maths app

What is taught in our English classes

Discussion on English classes alignment with National Curriculum, P1-P7, S1-S7

Media & Success Stories

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What makes Supermaths special?

At Supermaths and English have been running very successful Abacus Maths & English classes in accordance with the Scottish Government mandated curriculum. With a centre at the North Merchiston Club and a new additional location opening in Leith, we are easily accessible regarldess of your location in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Give you proper feedback every week. Teachers at our abacus maths and English classes are numerous enough to be able to offer much more in depth tutoring and feedback to each student.

Teachers are available 24/7 for further help or explanation If you find that answers in class are not enough or maybe you want some extra clarity, then our teachers are on hand 24/7 to ensure you get the answers you need.

We give 6 days of homework At Supermaths & English we do incude 6 days a week of homework to guarantee each student is constantly kept on their toes and on track with their work at home as well as in class.

Multiple teachers means one to one support during class time We already touched on this but it’s worth reinforcing the fact that due to our multiple teachers per class, each student will receive dedicated time and one on one support when required.

Weekly spelling tests aligned to the school curriculum Here at Supermaths & English, we test regularly to make sure that students are making progress on a weekly basis. This is not to make students feel constantly under pressure to pass, but to ensure that they’re keeping up with the work and to gauge how well they’re doing.

We have included the proper English grammar in our course contents as this is an essential aspect of creative writing. Creative writing is an essential part of a students educational development. Among the many benefits of this is that it helps a child develop their own powers of expression, empathy and critical reading and thinking.

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