fun maths with english and maths classes in glasgow and edinburgh from supermaths

Abacus – Kids have fun!!

At Supermaths we have 3 classes running at the moment on Saturday day times. Fun with Maths shows you how to do all these things and more including tips & tricks. We have the younger class which is 5-7 years old, then the older class which is 8-14 years old, and additionally  we also have a group who are new beginners currently catching up with older class. We have now introduced the mentoring of the older kids to the younger class, as well as the teachers teaching they have the older kids to show them techniques and fun and quick ways to do things.

We started this because at the age 5-7 your attention span can be rather low and we wanted to give the younger kids a way to feel passionate about the classes like the older kids do. So the older kids don’t teach the younger kids they are  simply there to mentor them and to also assist them. This will be a fun way for both classes to learn.

This will be a way for younger kids to gain confidence with just going into school they will also understand more about Abacus maths and be able to do a little bit more complex than they should be at Primary One and Two. This will also give the older class some advantages like dealing with a little responsibility and using their knowledge to help others, and one of the best ways to consolidate learning is to teach others, our mentoring opportunities provide this.