Bodla Brothers Abacus Magic

Hi this is Pushkal Bodla & Lohith Chandra Bodla …

Before we start telling our experience about abacus we would like to pen down few things about us. We are just like any ordinary kids who always enjoy Indoor/outdoor activities (i.e. cycling, swimming, badminton are few of our favourites) but gave little time to study. During our study time, our parents have observed our enthusiasm in maths and thought to improve our skills, speed and accuracy in whatever we do. They then joined us in Abacus classes. It was 2 1/2 years ago, we were 9 & 8 years old kids when our journey took to a new way of studying in maths.

We still remember when our parents took to abacus demo class, we didn’t expect that day will be such a long day of 2 1/2 years of fun learning. We initially started doing math on fingers using the abacus technique, which meant we could count up to 99 instead of 10. Later as we improved, we started using the abacus tool, which then we visualised and started doing harder sums in our head. The fun has just begun (!). When we moved into higher levels the work got harder and harder but at some levels which we like to call them ‘Checkpoint Levels’ we became really frustrated and wanted to quit but if it wasn’t for Dr. Rashmi Mantri and the whole abacus team’s encouragement we wouldn’t be able to complete the course and also we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Abacus didn’t only improve us in math, but helped us to excel in studies and improved our mental ability to solve the problems. The abacus team pushes people into the right path and makes sure that each and every kid reaches a certain level of aptness before moving them up to the next levels.

It would be unfair not to mention about our parents who have taken utmost care and made us to achieve all abacus levels on time. Without their support and commitment we wouldn’t be able to complete the course on time. Mum and dad we love you and thanks for everything you have given to us. Hope we have made our parents proud and hoping to achieve many more goals in future. Thank you once again for Super maths for giving this wonderful opportunity.

(Here is the video link of them) 

Sky is the limit for little Maths Wiz – Neev Lukhi

Kids have many dreams. Maths has always been my favourite subject; hence it was more of a hobby and I dreamt of doing something big in Maths. Chess is another such hobby cum dream. I have travelled places for playing chess tournaments and won loads of trophies. I love playing and watching cricket. Going out cycling with family and friends is what I cherish a lot too.

My name, Neev, means foundation. I believe, to do something better and big (in Maths), your foundation should be very strong. Yes, Abacus can help you achieve a solid base.

My journey with Abacus started 2 years back. I started doing Maths on my fingers using the Abacus technique, progressed to using the Abacus tool and then doing all Maths sums mentally visualizing an Abacus tool. Within 2 years, I was able to complete all my levels in Abacus.

There is a lot of practice taken by Rashmi Mantri and whole Abacus team. Their teaching technique is awesome. They make sure each and every kid attain a certain level of proficiency before moving to the next level. At times I was stuck at a particular level for many weeks. It was frustrating and I almost thought of quitting. My teachers encouraged me and gave more guidance. I realized it was for a purpose to master that level and I continued my journey ahead.

Mental Abacus has helped me with improved focus and concentration. Mental theory enhances visualization skills. Mental Abacus is nothing short of any brain exercise. This helps with confidence building and positive attitude.

Here’s hoping that my Maths journey continues with the upward trajectory that Abacus has given me a kick-start with.

Nimble Number Player recalls his time at Abacus – The story of Lakshya Verma

Hi my name is Lakshya, I am 14 years old, I enjoy playing video games and playing badminton , my hobbies include playing the piano and reading. I also enjoy swimming, for which I have previously got medals for. My favourite subjects at school are probably Drama and maths, but that wasn’t always the case…

I have got to admit, I never used to like maths, I would find it boring and I would rather be doing something fun like playing outside or playing video games. Then Abacus came into my life.

One of my favourite sayings of all time has been “What if I fall? Oh but darling what if you fly?” And that is what I felt when I started Abacus, I was reluctant and thought that it would be like maths at school, “great extra school,” I thought and I kept that mindset for the next few classes, but then I started to fly. It felt like a game and I wanted to progress through the levels, and you might be thinking, “Maths, like a game – never” but that is what it felt like. I have got to admit though, at times it was tough and I felt like quitting , but then I would get motivation by the great team of Supermaths and here I am now, 3 years later doing mental calculations so large it would seem like I have a calculator in my head.

Lakshya Verma
But like everyone else I started from the basics, using my fingers then progressing onto the abacus tool and finally to the stage where I can imagine the tool and do sums in my head.

Not only is it enjoyable, but doing maths on an abacus improves your concentration and focus. Mental abacus also aids in developing visualisation and memory skills. Because of this course I am also more confident and talkative individual.

I feel joining abacus has been a life changing experience, I will never think of maths the same ever again…