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FREE TRIAL Available for Children’s learning English online classes in the UK And Worldwide

At Supermaths and English we are starting up learning English classes for Kids based in Worldwide all in accordance with the Scottish curriculum and are offering a free trial. It has been under construction by our highly qualified English Teachers for about 1 year. We have been doing this course on public demand only.

The British Youth International College will be introducing an English course for kids of all ages. Primary school through to 6th year of secondary school, all are welcome. As a guarantee of success we will provide weekly reports of each individuals progress.

Course Structure

English Online Classes

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a key component of our English classes for kids Learning. It is great to be able to speak English well, but opportunities are limited for children who cannot read it. Illiteracy continues to be a problem among native and second-language speakers struggling to do basic things like finding a job or signing a lease.

Our classes improve reading comprehension with one-to-one support for each student. Students are given level-appropriate stories or articles to read with the goal of eventually being able to answer related questions. Passages can be anything from classic literature excerpts to short articles about animals

We strive to provide students with a variety of enjoyable reading material that will both teach them about the world around them and improve their reading skills.


It is very difficult to become fluent in English without understanding the fundamental building blocks that make it what it is. In any language, those fundamental building blocks are what we call grammar. Here at Supermaths & English, this is an essential part of English language mastery.

We like to think of it as being similar to the architectural plans for constructing a new building. Each person involved in the construction process must be able to read and understand the plans. Just one mistake by someone who cannot read the plans could throw the whole project off. Grammar works the same way.

Grammar rules tell us how and when to use punctuation. They tell us what kinds of words to use depending on the sentence being constructed. Its rules provide the foundation for talking about things in the past, present, and future without confusing those we are communicating with.

Spellings and Vocabulary

We consider spelling this an integral skill in our English classes for kids. By equipping students to spell correctly, we are enhancing their communication abilities by ensuring they are never misunderstood due to something so fundamental.

In the age of automatic spellcheckers, you might think there is no longer a need to have a strong grasp of English spelling. And yet, nothing could be further from the truth. It is as important today as it has ever been.

Consider university applications and job searches. Competition for limited openings requires applicants to produce well-written CVs, cover letters, applications, and essays. Crucial to them all is proper spelling. In many cases, this can be the difference between getting a job or being accepted to university and being denied a coveted opportunity.

Creative Writing

When your child studies English through our classes in UK, he or she will be challenged to learn all of the fundamental principles that make for good communication. But note that Super Maths & English doesn’t stop there. We also offer creative writing in concert with the rest of our English training to ensure your child has the best possible chance to succeed.

Why do we do this? Because this along with other higher English skills go hand-in-hand. Our goal at Supermaths is that each student achieves a level of fluency commensurate with his or her abilities. For many students, that means transcending basic principles like grammar and vocabulary and moving on to more advanced skills. Creative writing is a big part of that.

Confidence Building

Supermaths & English was originally established with the goal of teaching children advanced maths skills using the well-known Abacus Maths technique. We quickly learned that what we were doing was not only teaching kids maths, but we were also increasing the level of confidence they had in their own abilities. We subsequently decided that confidence building should be part of our Learning English Classes.

We do more than just teach kids vocabulary and grammar. Indeed, we build confidence with our English learning classes for children in UK and Worldwide.

How do we do it? Keep reading to find out.

Success Stories Of The Kids

English Language Tuition in UK, USA, UAE, AUSTRALIA & CANADA

Congratulations kids keep rocking academically! All of these are promoted to the next level of English Language lessons with Supermaths English Language Tuition in UK And Worldwide.

These kids have been performing flawlessly – week in and week out with their English work, they have been excellent when it comes to learning something new and have been able to take in all the information without any problems, they have got through their work in class with ease and they put in a massive effort in their homework.