reading comprehension with supermaths english classes in glasgow and edinburgh

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a key component of our English classes. It is great to be able to speak English well, but opportunities are limited for children who cannot read it. Illiteracy continues to be a problem among native and second-language speakers struggling to do basic things like finding a job or signing a lease.

Our classes improve reading comprehension with one-to-one support for each student. Students are given level-appropriate stories or articles to read with the goal of eventually being able to answer related questions. Passages can be anything from classic literature excerpts to short articles about animals.

We strive to provide students with a variety of enjoyable reading material that will both teach them about the world around them and improve their reading skills.

How It All Works

Reading comprehension is addressed with level-appropriate materials that challenge students to learn. Questions assigned to each reading passage are designed to test the child’s understanding of, and attention to, the passage itself. Questions ask students about the information contained in the passage just read.

Students are also given additional tasks to further enhance what they learned from the passage. For example, a story about superheroes might be followed by a writing exercise that encourages the students to imagine what it might be like to have a superpower.

Please know that we practice a holistic approach to reading. We use level-appropriate reading materials, questions, and additional activities to present students with a proven strategy for understanding what they read. And as previously stated, everything we do is designed to improve reading comprehension with one-to-one support.

It is a great confidence builder and a way to enhance a child’s creative thinking. We believe it is so important that we wouldn’t think of teaching English without devoting quality time to developing reading comprehension skills.