Abacus Maths Classes Glasgow are aligned with Scottish Curriculum

Not only in Scotland but first time ever in the world history Abacus maths is aligned with any problem solving methods. This will allow children to use techniques learned in ABACUS Maths classes Glasgow to apply in every real world problems and situations.  Child is  father of the man and they learn very fast. Once they learn visualising ABACUS in mind their mental calculator is with them for rest of their life.

In our Abacus Maths Classes Glasgow, we now have content from the Scottish Curriculum. Not only do the kids benefit from the speed and accuracy that Abacus brings, they can now apply it to the work given from Scottish Schools.

The only concept children need to use to calculate any sum is their memory and mind – means ABACUS in mind.

More and more parents are coming back and telling us that their kids really look forward to doing our homework that we give the kids. As a result We planned to align the ABACUS home work applied to the real world situations.

This may be because of our fun way of teaching mental arithmetic. We use finger theory to start with which helps the kids to calculate faster than using a calculator. We also use the abacus as a tool at the start but the further they go on they learn to memorise the abacus in the mind meaning all they need to use to calculate any sum is their memory and mind. You can see videos of our abacus kids on our YouTube Channel.

We make sure we let all kids know if they’re struggling that it is fine we can go over whatever they don’t get. We provide them bit of one on one time with one of our teachers to help them get through what they are stuck on.

So far our classes are going great and our number of students keeps getting higher. Kids really seem to enjoy it and are learning very fast. We are excited for what the future holds with our abacus maths children and classes.

If you are interested in a free abacus maths session to see if you want to take it further please contact us here or call us on  0141 237 3350. Our classes are nearly full but we are opening up further groups soon so please give us a call if interested.