‘Dhruv’s Journey – From Learning Abacus to Becoming ” The Cyber Expert “

Dhruv’s journey in education started at the age of 7 when he started to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python and Games development. To clarify, this was the starting of many achievements that he was to get and many records  to make and break. In short, so talented was this boy that accolades started coming his way from a very young age.

Firstly, it was his mother who introduced him to the joys of Abacus, an ancient mathematical technique for doing mathematical calculations.  Subsequently, it opened many doors for Dhruv.

Introduction & Training

Certainly, he trained diligently and very hard to master Abacus and understand its nitty-gritties. Firstly, from his mother and then by himself with his mom’s help. However, that was a very difficult phase since there were no centers for learning Abacus in Scotland. That is to say, without any educational help, it was only the guidance of his mother and his patient dedication and hard work that made him a master of Abacus. Eventually, it made him Dhruv Maheshwari–a 10 year old genius and a human calculator. 

To clarify, at that time his mother, Dr. Rashmi Mantri, was working in IT at Glasgow. However, she found the job very enjoyable since it involved helping young people achieve their dreams and goals. Certainly, it was an area which held great interest for her. 

After teaching Abacus to her son, Dr. Rashmi realized that it had brought a positive change in his development. In addition, it also brought a change in the development of his inherent skills in several ways. However, while the lady was aware of the great benefits of Abacus, meanwhile, her work as a University teacher did not give her spare time to pursue it. 

You Tube Channel

By the time Dhruv turned 9, he had already decided to start his YouTube channel. Moreover, he wanted to show to the world that with the right grit, determination and patience everything is possible. Firstly, he posted a video showcasing the Abacus method of doing mathematical calculations within 3 months. Certainly, it went on to garner 10,000 views. In conclusion, his reaction was unexpected. Above all, realizing the sheer number of people who were interested in their kids learning Abacus simply blew him.  

In addition, the young boy saw a business opportunity in the same and decided to seek his parent’s permission to start his company and introduce others to the advantages of Abacus. Therefore, he discussed his business plan with his parents who were shocked to see his motivation and drive to teach Abacus. To sum up, Dhruv wanted to create an institution wherein he could teach Abacus, hold Coding and English classes and run Summer and Easter boot camps. 

A new venture

The parents get so fascinated that his mother decided to leave her high-paying, much in demand job to pursue her son’s dream. Subsequently, they started off by opening a small center in Firhill on the western end of Glasgow. To sum up, starting off with the  Abacus classes they garnered about 100 kids within a few months. In short, so successful was their effort that within a year they opened up another center on the southern side of Glasgow followed by one in Edinburgh. 

Afterwards, Dhruv came up with the idea of holding online classes so that he could teach and propagate this method worldwide. Certainly, the young man achieved all this by the age of 12 and the next 2 years saw him getting worldwide recognition by:

  • Participating in shows like ITV (little big shots) and STV with Kaye Adams. 
  • Featuring in newspapers like the Sunday herald and The Mail.
  • Being a part of Awaz FM, the most popular Asian radio station in Scotland. 

That is to say, running Math and Coding classes have become a hobby. To clarify, the YouTube channel has been solely made for educational purposes. Certainly, kids and even parents come from all across Scotland just to learn this method from Dhruv Maheswari.

YouTube Channel – Video Tutorials

This YouTube channel is conceptualized and maintained by him since he was 9 years old.

Dhruv’s tutorial videos include:

  1. Do Math the Abacus way: learn to calculate quicker than the calculator: (Age 9 -10)

  1. Cyber Security Seminar: Held with support from MP Patrick Grady (Age 12)

  1. Cyber Security Computing: A whole series of Tutorial (Age 11 to 12)

  1. Computing with Python: Learn everything about Python in this Video Tutorial series (Age 10)

  1. Computing : Unreal Engine video Tutorials series (Age 10)

  1. Computing : Another Tutorial series talking about Unity (Age 10)

  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript Computing: Learn about the 3 pillars of computing in this Video Tutorial series (Age 9 and 10 )

  1. A preview of web development by BYITC  (Age 9 and 10 )

The Cisco Cyber OPS Journey

  1. At just 13 years, Dhruv Maheshwari, becomes the World’s YOUNGEST CYBER OPS CISCO Certified Associate.

Therefore, this S3 can upgrade his profile to reflect his latest achievement; the Cyber OPS BADGE from CISCO. To qualify for this Dhruv had to successfully pass and score well in the CYBER OPS Exams meant for CISCO vendors. To sum up, his achievements in this regard include:

  • 210 – 250 ( Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals) and

  • 210 – 255 (Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations) in order to achieve this honor.

Certainly, going through the entire process of preparing and sitting for a corporate level exam was not easy for a student of S3. However, he makes this journey seem so pleasant. Most importantly, his interest in helping the nation combat the menace of cyber theft made him overcome all the difficulties successfully. Above all, Dhruv aims to rid his country of all cybersecurity issues in the future.

Dhruv has put in a lot of effort to obtain this certification.

  • Firstly, he had to go to the University of the West of Scotland to attend the University’s summer school and complete his University level Cisco academy exams.

  • Subsequently,  he had to specialize in Cyber Security Expert to obtain the CISCO vendor’s certificates.

His exams were held at the Pearson Vue Centre situated on the Cardonald campus of Clyde College.

2. Moreover, he received a certificate from David Paterson, his lecturer and a Cyber Guru from the University of the West of Scotland.

Above is given the Cyber Ops Certificate presented to him by David Paterson

Dhruv’s learning from the above course includes an understanding of the:

  • The role played by a Cyber Security Expert Operations Analyst in an enterprise.

  • Features and characteristics of Windows and Linux Operating Systems that help support cyber security analytics.

  • Network infrastructure operations.

  • Analysis of network protocols and services.

  • Classification of the myriad network attacks that take place.

  • Network monitoring tools that are used to identify attacks made against network protocols and services.

  • The various methods used to prevent attempts of malicious access to computer networks, hosts and data.

  • Impacts of cryptography on network security monitoring.

  • The process of investigating endpoint vulnerabilities and attacks.

  • Network security alerts.

  • Network intrusion data and its analysis it to identify vulnerabilities and compromised hosts.

  • Ways in which CSIRTs handle security incidents.

3. To sum up, by the time he was 12 years old, Dhruv had already conducted a seminar on Cyber Security solely with the aim of spreading awareness and knowledge among his peers about the same. Meanwhile, the local MP Patrick Grady wholeheartedly supported this seminar.

You Tube link – Dhruv’s seminar on Cyber Security Expert seminar is covered in this video

4. Most importantly, the YouTube series that he has made so far about Cyber Security Expert to support the youngsters of the community is available here.

5. Meanwhile, the term “Cyber Ops” has most of us thinking about the dark side of the world wide web wherein hackers shift millions of pounds with just a click of the mouse. Thereby, compromising the security of everything globally from oil firms to military forces.

But what does “Cyber Ops” exactly mean? Read the article given below. It is published by Digger and deals with what Dhruv thinks about the same.

Click Here to know more about this Article


  1. Appeared in the ITV Show called Little Big Shots

Above all, at the age of 12, he made an appearance in the Dawn French BBC – ITV show Little Big shots. The video of the same is given below.

2. Appeared in the STV show Live at five

STV invited Dhruv for their ‘Live at five program’ where he appeared alongside David Farrell and Jennifer Reoch.

Given below is a recording of the same program.

To sum up, by the time the show ended, the presenter was absolutely impressed with the speed and accuracy with which Dhruv Maheshwari did his calculations.

3. The Scottish Mail did a feature on him too.

4. The Sunday Glasgow Herald also featured a story on Dhruv Maheswari

The National featured him in their Year of Young People segment: In short, here he talked about how an ancient technique of doing mathematical calculations converted him into a mathematical genius.

The link for the full article is given below.

Skills Development Scotland - Expert talk and the Guest Blog by Dhruv Maheswari

  1. Dhruvs has been invited by SDS(Skills Development Scotland) for the Expert talk.

Certainly, this was published amongst the industry experts. SDS is the Largest Skills Development Agency of the Scotland. Roz Denham – Cyber Security Expert Skills Project Executive at Skills Development Scotland organised this talk.  Moreover,  Debbie – Digital Skills Project Manager who leads on the Discover Cyber Security Expert Skills Program recorded it.

Here’s a link of Dhruv’s Expert Talk:

Moreover, Dhruv has been invited by Rob Bruce – Communications & Engagement – Lead for the Digital Team @Skills Development Scotland for the guest blog for Digital World. Meanwhile, here is  this great guest blog from Dhruv Maheshwari about why he is passionate about a career in #cybersecurity. “EVERY HOUR OF EVERYDAY REAL LIFE PEOPLE GET HACKED…REAL LIFE PEOPLE GET HURT”

Dhruv's Cyber Certificates

eJPT Certified (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester)

Certainly, this was not a series of theory-based multiple-choice questions that Dhruv had to answer. In short, he required to perform a live penetration test on a corporate network modeled on a real-world scenario. Most importantly, to carry out this exam successfully, Dhruv facilitated the real-world engagement from within the INE’s Virtual Lab environment by using an internet connection and a VPN software.

Dhruv had his assessment done in the following areas for obtaining the eJPT Gold certification:

  • TCP/IP and IP routing, LAN protocols and devices

  • HTTP and other web technologies, 

  • Mandatory penetration techniques of testing processes and methodologies

  • Network and web applications basic vulnerability assessment

  • Metaspoilt exploitation

  • Manual exploitation of simple web application

  • Gathering basic information and reconnaissance

  • Target scanning and profiling

1. eJPT-Certification

2. CyberFirst Adventure

3. Cyberstart Essentials from Cyber Discovery

4. CyberFirst Defenders

Other Honors and Achievements

Work Experience

Abacus Teacher and Coding assistant 

(2015 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities include:

  • Learnt to work with children & to teach effectively.

  • Learnt Patience  

Video Editor

(2015 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Learned to edit videos


Boclair Academy

  • Currently in SCQF Level 5 (S4)