It is every child’s innate tendency to be inclined and involved in playful activities all day long. This scenario tends to become a cause of concern for parents since most of them want their children to be immersed in their studies. The solution many experts suggest seems counter-intuitive to parents. However, it is perfectly thought-out and highly effective and the solution is to amalgamate studies with playful activities so that children may grasp and learn academic concepts without even realizing they are being made to do so. Take Mathematics for example. A majority of children find it difficult and struggle to learn the concepts of Maths. Nonetheless, game-based Abacus learning makes learning Maths fun and interesting and sometimes even addictive for children. Let us find out more about Abacus Maths classes.

The Countless Benefits of Abacus Maths for Children

The Abacus is a tool meant to harness the natural potential of a little organ of kids called the brain. The Abacus Maths program is a unique way of helping kids realize and achieve their full mental potential. Just as a child can create a mental picture of Tom chasing Jerry, the same way his brain can create a mental image of the Abacus. With practice, the child can mentally move the beads to do the math. Apart from ameliorating children’s Math skills, Abacus Maths helps kids in the following ways-
1. Improves kids’ understanding of Arithmetic.
2. Invigorates children’s memory, creativity, mental focus, listening skills, and imagination.
3. Helps develop both the left and right lobes of children’s brains.
4. Helps children develop confidence and self-esteem.

Game-Based Abacus: The Fun Way to Practise Mathematics

If you’ve been looking to enrol your kid in Abacus Maths classes, for which you regularly Google “Abacus classes near me”, it might just prove more effective to instead try the Game-based Abacus approach once. Here’s how the game-based approach works wonders with children. The game-based Abacus Maths approach juxtaposes the playfulness of
children with competitive, challenging and interesting games. The thrill of playing such exciting games stimulates the release of a ‘Happy Stress’ which leads to increased dopamine levels in children. This helps improve their sense of numbers along with their overall brain abilities. The game-based Abacus approach teaches students to perform mathematical
calculations while playing which inculcates in children the habit of calculating mentally with ease, accuracy, and speed.

Enrol Your Child in an Effective Abacus Maths Class

Post the Covid19 pandemic, online learning has become all the rage. This made it necessary for Abacus Maths academies to run online Abacus Maths classes. One such promising Institute running online Abacus Maths classes which effectively train children with the use of an Abacus to quickly solve Math problems is the British Youth International College (BYITC). Parents who have been constantly Google-searching “Abacus classes near me”, only to be disappointed and fed up with it need to try the BYITC’s game-based Abacus learning approach. The Abacus Maths curriculum developed by BYITC kindles the spirit of solving complex Math problems in children and actively helps bring out their hidden Math genius.