Most people have heard of and have seen an abacus, but few truly understand the usage of this, and how powerful using an abacus can be. The technique itself is thousands of years old, and is used all over India, China and other areas of the world, but appreciation for this learning method is now reaching Scotland, with Supermaths Academy proud to introduce this learning method in Scotland. What is an abacus? An abacus tool is referred to as an instrument which is used for performing calculations. It consists of counters along rods and grooves. These small country beads can be slid across the rods and grooves to perform calculations. An Abacus Maths tool is very simple to use and children learn it quite quickly. Our abacus course provides an enriching learning experience for your child. Our teachers are extremely facilitative and help your child to grow through their experience. Benefits of the Abacus Maths tool When a kid uses an Abacus maths tool they learn new skills. This tool specially enhances their mind and cognitive development as well. Some key benefits of abacus maths are:
  • Using the Abacus tool improves concentration of children. It helps them to perform calculations quickly.
  • The Abacus maths tool will also improve observation skills. The methodology used to teach abacus is through a simple visualisation technique which the children learn quickly. Once the abacus has been mastered by them, they can use this visualisation technique to perform complex calculations quickly.
  • The Abacus maths tool also helps strengthen a child’s memory. Memorising images during the training of abacus maths helps in ensuring that children are able to remember more information at a younger age.
We recommend that you enrol your child in the Abacus course at our institute. Using the Abacus tool will be an enriching experience for your child and will help them to grow! Contact us today to know more about the course!