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Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge Glasgow and Edinburgh Summer 2018 

A massive thank you to those who joined us to celebrate Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge Glasgow and Edinburgh Summer 2018.

It was time once again to evaluate the children’s Maths performance and confidence, and their continued academic success, so we were very pleased to hold the Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge – Summer 2018 between 15th – 17th September 2018.

We sincerely hope you all had a good summer break and are now anticipating a grand work while the return to school time. It is that time of year again when we all refocus our minds toward getting back to work and accomplishing those things we want to accomplish.

And to help our students get ready for the year, we held Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge Glasgow and Edinburgh on 15th September 2018.

All the kids from Abacus Super Maths Glasgow and Edinburgh were required to participate.

Our Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge Glasgow and Edinburgh ran from 2.00pm to 4.00pm at Community Central Halls, Maryhill Glasgow. It was scheduled to coincide with Maths Week Scotland, which took place September 11-17.

The maths challenge was an opportunity for students to demonstrate their tremendous maths skills. It was an opportunity to show just how effective the Abacus method for learning actually is. And, of course, getting together for a challenge like this was a great way to boost student confidence and performance, both in our courses and while in school.

Right Start Off the New School Year – Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge

We were both pleased and privileged to organize a Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge that coincides with Maths Week Scotland. By joining us for this great event, you started off the new school year on the right foot.

The purpose of Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge was for kids to refocus on academics in an environment that celebrates their accomplishments and abilities. As parents, you helped your kids get into the right frame of mind for a new school year.

Details of how  Scottish Maths  Week with Abacus Maths Challenge took place and the Award ceremony.

  • This time we were trying to make more excitement for kids by keeping it verbal (finger theory for juniors and mental theory for others) only.
  • All the kids were grouped together based on the level they had completed. Each group was be divided into the subgroups.
  • Each group and subgroup was then called on the stage and asked a number of questions.
  • Juniors could use finger theory to answer and those who started doing mental theory had touse mental theory to arrive at the answer.
  • Dhruv, Rhythm, and Sunny had completed all the levels of Abacus and being the first batch completed Abacus level successfully they were given an opportunity to support Dr. Rashmi Mantri with the event.
  • This also involved a completion between Dhruv, Rhythm, and Sunny to show what they had learned at the end and how confident one can be once all levels were completed.
  • All the kids were awarded at the end for winning the Abacus Maths Challenge and Star performer awards were given to those who had consistently performed well in their homework and classwork.

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