Learning English Online or in Class

Learning English for a Global Community. Having a firm grasp of the English language is critical to advancing in life and career locally or globally. English is one of the worlds most used languages in business and culture and is a key factor for success in the 21st century. This is why we offer the chance to learn English online or in the classroom. Learning in Glasgow or Edinburgh At Supermaths being able to provide English classes in Glasgow and Edin

Assessing a Child’s appropriate Abacus Maths Level

When kids complete level 1 that means they finish all the +5 and -5 combinations, and before going to level 2 we always make sure by various checks that kids are ready to move to the next level of Abacus Maths i.e. our experience and last few weeks performance before that level finishes. If a child is not ready to move into the next level, we then give a few more weeks of practice at the same level depending upon our assessment. There are many different le...

Abacus Maths Challenge 2018

Abacus  Maths Challenge 2018 The ABACUS Winter Maths Challenge 2018 will be held on the 20th of January from 2 pm – 4 pm, at the Community Central Hall in Maryhill (292 – 316 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 7YE). The Maths Challenge runs twice every year and is an excellent opportunity to motivate and encourage the children to practise their maths skills. During the competition, the children will be able to experience stimulated learning within a fun and supp

Scottish Maths Week 2018

Scottish Maths Week 2018
Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge Glasgow and Edinburgh Summer 2018  A massive thank you to those who joined us to celebrate Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge Glasgow and Edinburgh Summer 2018. It was time once again to evaluate the children's Maths performance and confidence, and their continued academic success, so we were very pleased to hold the Scottish Maths Week with Abacus Maths Challenge - Summer 2018 between 15th -

Abacus Maths Challenge 2017

Abacus Maths Challenge The ABACUS Maths Challenge was be held on Saturday the 17th of June 2pm to 4pm at the Community Central Hall in Maryhill (292-316 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 7YE) All the students, whether they are Friday class students or Saturday class students (both 11 to 1pm and 2 to 4pm )  were required to come at 2 pm on 17th June and attended their usual class from 2 to 3pm. Maths challenge was from 3 to 3.30pm followed by award ceremony a

Kids Corner – Build a Blog – Made for Kids looked after by Kids

There is a new blog spot dedicated to children of ages 8-13. Kids Corner - Build a Blog - Made for Kids looked after by Kids. Children can design and write blogs with their parents, to tell others about what they have learned at the classes and clubs they attend. Also to inform others of what they have achieved overall throughout their life. A blog is a fun and interactive way to express yourself. The kids will enjoy as it informs others about what a day

Research showing Abacus benefits!

Research showing Abacus benefits!
Article showing Abacus benefits Recent research has shown Abacus benefits. The Pearson research team are working with the UCL Institute of Education to conduct a study into the impact Abacus is having in schools. Confident and excited young mathematicians More than 85% of the teachers using Abacus reported that children enjoyed doing maths; they love the interactive tools, the online activities and the Quick Maths activities, including the weekly Drivin

Safe long term investments with rapidly developing Abacus Business

Franchising Investment Opportunities UK We are opening in Edinburgh from Early next year. Safe long term investment opportunities are available with our rapidly developing ABACUS Maths classes in other areas of Glasgow or Edinburgh branch. Originally starting with just 4 students, we are now over 100 strong in just a year. Please enquire in the office for more info on this Franchising Investment Opportunities UK. We are looking to expand to the rest

Maths wi Nae Borders – Abacus Supermaths – Scottish Maths Week

What is Scottish 'Maths Wi Nae Borders'? This competition is inspired by the annual "Mathématiques sans Frontières" contest which is open to students in S4/S5 and is called 'Maths Wi Nae Borders' to give a Scottish twist on the French name. Scotland's Maths wi Nae Borders - Abacus Supermaths - Scottish Maths Week. Anyone can access and take part in 'Maths wi Nae Borders', any class and any age group in Scotland. Maths week starts on the 11th of Septemb

Introductory English Class Event for Children and Parents

Introductory English Class Event for Children and Parents
Introductory English Class Event for Children and Parents Kids Learn English in a fun and engaging way. Here at Super Maths and English we are holding an Introductory English Class Event for Children and Parents. The benefits of being coherent in English are extraordinary. The English course will improve your child’s: Grammar Punctuation Reading Vocabulary Dictation Our team of educators will use teamwork, games, refocusing techniques an