Confidence Building

Supermaths & English was originally established with the goal of teaching children advanced maths skills using the well-known Abacus Maths technique. We quickly learned that what we were doing was not only teaching kids maths, but we were also increasing the level of confidence they had in their own abilities. We subsequently decided that confidence building should be part of our English classes.

We do more than just teach kids vocabulary and grammar. Indeed, we build confidence with our English classes for children in UK and Worldwide.

How do we do it? Keep reading to find out.

Grammar: The How and Why

Grammar is the building block of any language. It explains how the language is used and why words, phrases, and punctuation are used in the way they are. Teaching grammar builds confidence in kids by giving them a better understanding of how language works. Once they know the how and why they are less intimidated by learning new concepts. They are more confident in their own speaking and writing.

Vocabulary and Communication

Teaching vocabulary is another way to build confidence with our English classes for children in UK and Worldwide.. Where grammar is the building block of language, vocabulary is one of the tools for effectively communicating using good grammar principles.

Vocabulary builds confidence by giving kids a larger selection of words to work with. When they aren’t searching for the right words to use, they can speak their minds more freely. The larger a child’s vocabulary grows, the more freely that child will speak. That builds a confidence that can last a lifetime.

Confident Speaking Skills

The whole point of a child mastering English is to prepare him or her for both secondary education and adult life. An adult who is not fluent in English will struggle with everything from job interviews to securing adequate housing. On the other hand, the adult who mastered English as a child will walk into every situation, whether formal or social, ready and able to effectively communicate. He or she will have the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations at every level.

Not being able to effectively communicate in English hampers all kinds of personal and professional relationships. An inability to communicate also limits a person’s prospects. That is not what we want for our students. We want each child to master English and, in so doing, have the confidence to communicate in any setting.

We hope you will consider letting your children study with us. We do more than just teach kids to speak. We build confidence with our English classes for children in UK and Worldwide..