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The franchise model of business is on the rise globally. Many well-established brands hailing from different industry verticals offer their franchise to interested parties. Although there are plenty of choices for the business one could opt for when acquiring a franchise, however, the most popular choice remains that of the education sector. By acquiring an education franchise opportunities to earn decent profits with minimal investments increase significantly. Leaving the final choice of business to the reader, we present here a list of the top five high-demand franchises in the UK.

  1. Fitness franchise – The fitness industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent decades; thanks to the mass awareness about health and fitness disseminated by social media influencers and fitness enthusiasts. This growing popularity of the fitness culture makes acquiring the fitness franchise of a popular fitness brand worth every penny and in high in demand.
  2. Education franchise – The field of education is an ever-blooming business vertical that remains unaffected even in the face of the worst of economic crises. This is one of the biggest reasons aspiring entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business giants prefer investing in a renowned and well-established education franchise. However, the biggest question that plagues the newcomers in this business is, “Which programme of study would be the best choice of investment for an education franchise business?”. The answer to this question depends on the latest trends and the most recent developments in the education field. In the present day, multifaceted courses such as the Abacus Maths course have gained traction and enjoy huge popularity among kids as well as their parents. For aspiring entrepreneurs, investing in the best Abacus Maths franchise is the most viable choice and is high in demand for setting foot successfully into the franchise business.
  3. Travel franchise – The popularity of social media has made travelling a popular profession as well as a passion followed by many. This has made the travel franchise business an instant hit among investors.
  4. Food and beverage franchise – Apart from being a bodily necessity, eating also enjoys the status of being a profession as well as a passion. Investing in a food and beverage franchise is, therefore, a lucrative option for investing in the franchise business.
  5. Retail franchise – Retail businesses have always had immense commercial potential. Even today, investing in the franchise of a retail business remains a popular investment choice, the only pertinent point being the choice of the retail business. Choosing the retail franchise of a business dealing with exotic products such as perfumes and fragrances could be a great choice.

Education franchise business is booming in the UK; Choose a great brand

For investing in an education franchise opportunities are a dime a dozen in the UK. However, what matters is the choice of the brand. It would be prudent to choose a brand that lets you run multiple programmes under its franchise. For instance, British Youth International College, which is currently the best Abacus Maths franchise in the UK, lets all its franchise partners run additional courses like English Program, Coding, and Cyber Security under its franchise. This is one of the reasons BYITC International has risen to become one of the best Abacus Maths franchise brands in the UK. So, those of you looking forward to partnering with a renowned and reliable education franchise brand, get in touch with BYITC International and enjoy great profits on your investment.


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