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When putting their kids to learn Abacus Maths, parents often ask how long it will take them to learn Abacus or how many months should they learn the Abacus to become better at mathematics? Well, we understand that as a parent, everyone wishes their kids to grab Abacus learning fast. But it depends on the student and other factors on how much time they will take to learn Abacus.

Learn Abacus: What is Abacus?

Before we start, one must first understand the basics of the Abacus. The Abacus technique is believed to be originated in China. It is known as an ancient calculator used for mathematical calculations. However, we do have devices like calculators, smartphones, and computers to do the calculation. But Abacus helps build one’s mental ability to do the calculation without any calculator. It stimulates the brain cells of children and boosts their IQ also.
At present, we have several ways to learn Abacus. We have Abacus books available in the market that clearly explains all the concepts. Multiple online tutorials and videos are available on the internet that helps one in learning Abacus. But, if you wish to make your kid learn Abacus fast and in the best way, enroll them in Abacus Maths classes. With proper guidance and practical lessons, they can understand it right from the beginning.

Factors to consider to know how much time kids will take to learn Abacus

Making kids learn the Abacus level by level will take around 2 to 3 years depend upon their age and learning abilities. There are 8 to 11 levels in Abacus, and every level requires approximately 3 months to finish. As a parent, one may observe that their kids will start showing the results after completing Level1. But this timeline is when you put your kids for proper Abacus Maths classes. So, let’s know the factors according to which you can understand that how much time it will take to learn Abacus.
Consistent Learning and Practice – The Abacus requires conceptual learning and understanding. To become good at Abacus, consistency is quite important. We should understand that mental mathematics requires practice. If child does constant practice, he may learn it in less time. But if he lack practice and there is a learning gap, it will take time for them to understand Abacus.
Self-Learning – Self-learning is helpful, but it requires reasonable effort and time. When self-learning Abacus, students only have Abacus books or videos, or tutorials for learning. They might need time to understand Abacus concepts and techniques of using Abacus tool. Proper supervision and guidance from a tutor or parents can help them learn Abacus faster.
Individual Learning Abilities – Some kids take less time to learn, while others might take more time. It depends on their learning and grasping power. So, as a parent, one should not force their kids to learn fast. Instead, it should motivate them to understand Abacus concepts correctly.


Considering these factors, you can calculate how much time your kids will take to learn Abacus. Do not worry if they are slow learners. Make sure that they understand all the basic concepts of the Abacus.
BYITC & Supermaths Abacus Maths online and offline classes are now available in Birmingham and Oxford for students. We invite the parents to take the first step towards making their children confident with Maths.

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