Childrens Talent Show Glasgow

Children’s Talent Show Glasgow

Organised by Supermaths & BYITC ®

We are hosting a Children’s Talent Show in Glasgow which is open to everyone. Only Children are able to participate.

For the first time in Glasgow history we will be throwing a children’s little talent show, where children of all ages will be able to strut their stuff. Strum their strings and tie their shoelaces as well as showcasing the revolutionary maths technique of Abacus.

All Groups, Music Academies, Dance Academies, Schools and any other children’s organisations are cordially invited to perform. Limited spaces available and will follow first come first served.

Talent Show Venue and Time: 

  • Pollokshaws Burgh Halls, 2025 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G43 1NE.
  • 15th of October, gate opens at 4.30 for 5pm start. Show time is 5 to 9pm. Please be on time for children’s Talent show in Glasgow to start on time.

Talent Show Ticket Prices:

  • £10 (Guest)
  • £10 (Participant)
  • £5 (Guest)
  • £0 (Under 5’s)

Talent Show Age Categories and Prizes:

6 to 8 Years Old
9 to 11 Years Old
12 to 14 Years Old
15 to 16 Years Old

Talent Show Performance Categories:

DanceMusicPerformanceArtFashionAcademic SkillsSports

  • Bollywood
  • Contemporary
  • Pop
  • Break Dancing
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Triangle
  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Singing
  • Flute
  • Mouth Organ
  • Recorder
  • Comedy
  • Peom
  • Rhymes
  • Raps
  • Sketches
  • Skits
  • Portraits
  • Sketches
  • Painting
  • Drawings
  • Catwalk
  • Fancy Dress
  • Maths
  • Spelling
  • Digital skills
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Football
  • Hula Hooping
  • Juggling
  • Teakwondo

Talent Show Facilities: 

  • Food
  • Soft Drinks
  • Awards
  • Music system
  • Lights
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

Auditions for Participants:

We cannot accept applications from children for our Children’s Talent Show in Glasgow. A parent or legal guardian must complete this application form. All personal data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

To participate you simply need to record a 1 minute video, accept our Terms and Conditions and then attach the video to the form below:

Note: if file size is too big then please email the video to

Please read our Terms and Conditions
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Any queries about the Talent Show or Abacus

Classes can be made here

Dhruv the human calculator

Dhruv displays excellent mental calculation skills

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Hafsa Malik

Hafsah shows off what she\'s been learning at the Abacus Maths Class

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Karan

Karan shows how much one can really learn in just 4 weeks!

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Namit

Namit impresses us with his mental calculations