At the British Youth IT College we’ve had a lot of interest in our Maths For Kids course. Parents have been inquiring about more classes throughout the week and weekends as we’ve grown in size from just 10 students to almost 70 across the business.

What’s your secret?

You’re probably wondering why we’re becoming so popular, and why the kids want to do more maths with us. Right? Well it’s simple. Abacus is more than just maths; it allows children to solve mathematical problems differently than the conventional methods taught in schools. Abacus maths is good for overall problem solving. Because of this, kids will improve in other subjects and skills aside from maths. This could be computing in school or dealing with external situations that might not necessarily be curricular.

Why is Abacus More Than Maths for Kids?

Many of the places you’ll go to will confirm the benefits of teaching your kids math with the abacus technique. But why is it so great you ask… Our Abacus Maths For Kids Tuition Glasgow allows kids to open up their minds to more than just 1+1= 2. It goes right down into cognitive thinking, what emotions they associate with maths and core educational development.

What Are The Kids Saying?

Most of the kids will tell you that the Abacus Maths For Kids Tutoring Glasgow course has had a positive impact on their education. Perhaps not in as many words; though a lot of the feedback we have received has been positive. From both students and parents. Abacus math is not an overnight solution to your Childs bad math skills. It takes time and energy; both parent and child need to put in the effort to improving their math skill. It is however, a quick and effective way to get to the top of your math class. With the time and effort put in, your child could be heading for straight A’s before the end of the year!

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