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After primary education, parents are always concerned and willing to provide their children with the best education possible. The 11+ entrance exam, also known as private or grammar school exams, has emerged as the most significant one. Students appear for the exam in the final year of primary school in England and Northern Ireland.

11+ Entrance Exam:

The purpose of the exam is to test the abilities of the children. To check if they can thrive in the school they are applying to, like grammar schools or other selective schools that are academically challenging. The process is categorized into four sections: registration, preparation, the exam, and the result.

Preparation is the most important factor. To prepare for the 11+ entrance exam, you must practice frequently and study with concentration to employ tactics. With British Youth International College, also known as BYITC, learning and cracking the 11+ entrance have become simpler and more easily attainable. We have outlined the following exam readiness strategies:

Practice past papers and mock tests.

This enables learners to become familiar with the exam structure. It helps to gauge question types that are common as well as tough areas. Children can improve their time management by managing themselves.

  • BYITC has carefully prepared 60 weeks of learning sessions. Comprehensive tests after each level for the 11+ entrance exam helps to analyze one’s performance after each level and identify areas in need of improvement, for example, answering techniques that need more practice as well as topic areas one does not understand well enough, which might require additional revision time.

Sturdy Foundation:

Mastering English and math are prerequisites for the 11+ entrance exams.

  • BYITC focuses on practices in reading comprehension, grammar, or arithmetic. Consequently, leverage practice materials, interesting and engaging homework, and online sessions planned systematically. Everything is planned with the child’s learning style in mind so that learning can be made interesting and informative.
Enhance your verbal and non-verbal reasoning capabilities.

Under this section, your child’s mind is tested on how to solve problems logically, which are the constituent elements of the 11+ entrance exams. Ways of Doing It:

  • British Youth International College has customized each child’s learning speed and understanding according to their age and capability. During the session, the teachers put in lots of effort and taught the right tricks and twists that helped solve any problem. Apart from this, kids can try some interactive puzzles and games. Use of riddles, crosswords, and logical games for fun-filled learning of such skills.
  • Educational games and apps: Apart from learning from experts, you can also enhance your chances of cracking 11+ entrance exams by learning through game-based applications dealing with verbal and non-verbal reasoning where students can attempt quiz items and evaluate them.
How parents can help kids throughout the process:
  • Stay positive and supportive. Do not fail to appreciate any progress your child makes. Such praise will go a long way in boosting their self-confidence.
  • Communicate things openly. Discuss everything with your child, like their emotions and their problems; that can help you address them and lessen tension.
  • Seek Help: Think about employing a coach or talking to their teachers so that they can get extra help if they have problems.

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