Abacus Maths Hero Mastering Numbers with Confidence

It’s evident that kids dread homework all over the world. It’s not something they usually enjoy; furthermore, they treat it like a burden. BYITC runs a campaign called Abacus Homework Heroes Club to transform your child into an Abacus Maths Hero. It enhances their mental maths ability. It motivates the kids to complete their homework on time, not just for the sake of doing it but also wholeheartedly. This campaign is for Abacus Maths and all the other courses we offer, like English courses, coding, and the 11+ exam, etc. Let’s learn more about the campaign.

Abacus Maths Hero: Mastering Numbers with Confidence


We at BYITC encourage learner to become abacus maths hero by motivating them to complete their homework and increase their mental maths proficiency. We try to use different techniques. One of them is rewards.We have certificates, medals and prizes to be given out every 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. Appreciation and rewards are the biggest influencers that can motivate learners to complete their given tasks. It gives us a sense of achievement. This feeling produces dopamine, which is one of the happy hormones. It’s a continuous round the clock monitoring, assessing and rewarding the deserving ones who have completed 100% homework.


We all know that recognition helps us boost our confidence, which eventually leads to high self-esteem. We do an all round monitoring and mentoring. Continuous assessment of homework is done followed by recognition of the efforts and dedication of learners. BYITC proudly flaunts their heroes on social media as much as possible. The Abacus Homework Heroes club runs smoothly and encourages the learners abacus maths hero. Parents also appreciate this initiative and bring it to our notice that learners are growing and working on their mental maths proficiency.

Practice and upskilling

Now, get down and polish those skills! Practice is a training ground that sharpens your mind. It gets you ready for bigger challenges. The more you practice, the stronger and braver you become. Homework can be fun. At BYITC, we turn this task into games and challenges.
Learn to dive into your pursuits with enthusiasm. You are the superhero. Be it abacus, English, coding, etc., there is always something fascinating waiting for you. So, arm yourself with knowledge and get ready to explore!

How Do I Become an Abacus Maths Hero?

Set goals, know what to aim for, and chunk this journey into steps.
Stay curious; always ask, ‘Why is it so?’
Find joy in fun study sessions with music, colourful notes, and rewarding moments when you reach big milestones.
Take breaks; every superhero does, too. Learn to be sharp and focused; refuel with breaks.
Remember, every single action you take is one step closer to becoming the abacus maths hero.

At BYITC, we try to see it from children’s perspectives. We have built an entire system that is game based which improves their mental maths aptitude. It keeps them entertained. We also understand that kids today have a lot on their plate, so we try to not burden them with impractical and long homework. Homework that takes about 15 minutes only makes them better at abacus and other courses. So why wait? Become an Abacus maths hero today.

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