Mastering Arithmetic

Practising with the Abacus is a highly effective tool for children when Mastering Arithmetic. Using an Abacus requires excellent coordination skills with the hands, eyes and most importantly the brain. Abacus exercises the brain to its maximum potential, using activities that require memory, concentration, analysis, visualisation and control. These activities allow the brain learn mental arithmetic and complete mental calculations faster with accuracy.

Brain Development

The Importance of Brain Development Understanding the importance of brain development is vital to optimise the growth of the human brain and its function. Through studies in developmental neurobiology, it is proven that experiences in early life affects different stages of development and aiding a child’s learning, helps provide the brain with a promising beginning.   In simple terms, there are two parts to the human brain that work together and devel...

Confidence Building

Confidence BuildingSupermaths & English was originally established with the goal of teaching children advanced maths skills using the well-known Abacus Maths technique. We quickly learned that what we were doing was not only teaching kids maths, but we were also increasing the level of confidence they had in their own abilities. We subsequently decided that confidence building should be part of our English classes.We do more than just ...