Improving English Proficiency

When it comes to language, diving deep is inevitable. How BYITC helps learners in Improving English Proficiency is through their proper research and in-depth knowledge and they aim to provide excellence in speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.We nurture the learners with love, respect, and knowledge. There are lots of activities assigned like homework to finish each day and pre-recorded videos for children, if at all they feel stuck.

Practical Tips for Improving English Proficiency

Some of the ways how BYITC helps in Improving English Proficiency: –

Effective One on One Lessons: We cater to various countries, and create opportunities within the country. Our Experts are highly skilled and possess all the qualities which are important to have. They are native speakers. What sets them apart is how beautifully they change their teaching style from child to child. Our experts’ approach is one of the biggest and one of the most effective secrets for BYITC to help learners in Improving English Proficiency.

Holistic learning programme: As we know that learning a language is not an overnight task. Our content has lots to offer. Comprehension not only enhances reading skills but also it improves cognitive skills. Creative writing, picture compositions, situational writings etc, allows the learner to inculcate good writing skills with time. Grammar marks the foundation of the language. We aim to build children’s learning and confidence. We ensure smooth segueing from beginner to intermediate and finally to advance level.

Game based learning: We take pride in our application; it never bores a learner. Its quite interactive and fun. It’s not limited to that; the entire application is user friendly and needs limited assistance from parents. We have built the system keeping the schedule of parents in mind. We are also eco-friendly therefore we have designed that system which does not need books, pens or any other stationery. Games help children to stay hooked the entire time which makes it easier for BYITC to help the learners in Improving English Proficiency.

Assessments and PTM: BYITC help the learners in Improving English Proficiency not only through teaching but also evaluating their progress. We report it to the parents by tracking it regularly and keep them posted. We organise weekly PTMs, and monthly PTMs to help the child and to understand parents’ concerns if any. Learning and evaluation go hand in hand but not in a negative light, we always encourage the kids to not feel disheartened instead take it as a challenge.

Fairness and flexibility: We keep our costs fair and justified. We also understand parents are paying for the betterment of the child, they expect quality learning, and optimum results. We always try to meet the expectations. Also exercising flexibility, we alter our ways and content as per the needs of the parents. Special children are also very comfortable here as we customise our content accordingly which helps them immensely.

BYITC helps learners in Improving English Proficiency by many ways, and we intend to do so with your love and support.

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