Britain's First National Maths Competition: Organized by BYITC SUPERMATHS

BYITC Supermaths is organizing Britain’s First National Abacus Maths Competition Challenge in Scotland, UK.

Gone are the days when academia was the only parameter to judge intelligence. Now is the era of competitive landscapes that are clashing with each other. Since time immemorial maths has been regarded as a dreadful subject that has given students utmost nightmares. But now the times have changed. Many mathematical prodigies have given the world some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. To find out these prodigies, to kindle their competitive spirit, and to nurture their truest potential the BYITC Abacus Maths Challenge is a game-changer.

Why is the Maths challenge important?

  • Sometimes working on arithmetic problems alone is a no-brainer and monotonous, but when there is a competition, students get this absolute thrill of dealing with intricate arithmetic entities.
  • The competition aims at sharpening the minds of students and improving their thinking & analytical skills.
  • When kids will work to reach certain arithmetic progressions or results, they will start developing a fascination or interest in numbers.

Tickling intuitive minds: Abacus Maths Challenge from BYITC Supermaths

Exclusively happening for the BYITC Supermaths students, the Abacus Maths challenge is aimed at making pure talents shine. Jammed with fun quizzes, twisty abacus mental maths problems, and out-of-the-box numerical questions, the abacus maths challenge is for those who can cope up with HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills).

The maths challenge will be conducted physically in Scotland, UK. Join now and find out how smart you are when it comes to competing with global talents.

The students will be awarded certificates, medals, trophies for their astounding arithmetic potential. Seats are limited, get enrolling ASAP!


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