How to get started Cyber Security training – an early bird guide

  • What is Cyber Security?
  • Why Cyber Security?
  • How to approach Cyber Security as a teen?
  • How to NOT approach Cyber Security (after staying in it for a while)?
  • Popular roles/branches in Cyber Security
  • SOC Analyst v/s Red teamer
  • Security Researcher and Cyber Security Consultant
  • Cyber Security Training  | Certifications to try
  • Recommended programming/scripting languages

Presented by Dhruv Maheshwari, 15, (Youngest in the world to pass CISCO CYBER OPS and the Youngest for EJPT too) and Abhishek, only 19 years old and already doing internship with Scottish Government for Cybers. He is also a certified ethical hacker and EJPT.H

Webinar Recording

About Dhruv

Dhruv Maheswari is the youngest in the world to pass Cisco Cyber Ops exams(at 13 years) and also youngest in passing the EJPT Certification(14 years). He has been doing Cyber since he was 12 years old and computing since 9 years. He made lots of video tutorials for the other children to learn. There is a link below having all the links of his video tutorials. He is excellent in Maths and Computing A+ so far. Recently he has also been invited by the Skills Development Scotland for the Expert talk and the Digi Blog. He has also participated in the Cyber Discovery programme. He has shown have shown great skill with his progress so far in CyberStart Game by Cyber Discovery and to celebrate this success, they would love to invite him to an exclusive early launch of SANS Foundations and also given him the course worth of £3000 for free.

Here is the link to his profile, all his Cyber OPS and EJPT, Cyber Essentials Cyberfirst and Cyber Defenders certificates are all listed on this link.