Learn English in the Classroom or Online

Learning English is a key ingredient to lifelong success in the modern era. For better or worse, English has become the language of business and technology. Having a command of the English language is therefore central to achieving in everything from one’s career to participating in the global community.

We teach English as a first and second language, both in the classroom and online. Our goal is to help children master every aspect of English speaking and writing so that they can communicate effectively no matter where they are in the world. The more equipped children are with good English speaking and writing skills, the farther ahead they will be when it comes time to make their own way in the world.

We Make Learning Fun

Learning English can be a trying experience. Those of us who are adults know what it was like to learn in a traditional classroom. We have not forgotten that, which is why we strive to make learning fun. We combine modern technology with interactive lessons and fun activities to engage each and every student we teach.

Our classes are designed to encourage participation as well. We do that through a variety of means, including technology. It has been our experience that participation leads to better learning because students and teachers alike can share their ideas. As we like to say, team learning is all about two brains being better than one. The more participation there is among students, the better the learning.

Please note that our goal of making learning fun does not minimise our standards in any way. Our English classes for children are based on the Scottish curriculum. That means our learning materials have been approved by the Scottish Government Department of Education. Furthermore, we are SQA certified as well.

What You Can Expect

Enrolling your children in one of our local classes opens the door to a wonderful opportunity of learning and interaction. Your child will meet with other local children for regularly scheduled classes that will teach them the fundamentals of English. Your child will learn to communicate more effectively, write more fluidly, and speak more succinctly.

Should you choose to enrol your child in online classes, he or she will still enjoy the exact same lessons. The only difference is that the internet will act as an intermediary. The curriculum is published as both PDF and Word documents, giving parents a choice of download format.

Each new student is levelled upon enrolment. Levelling consists of a 12-question assessment that helps us better understand the student’s current knowledge and skill sets. Once we understand where your child is, we will put him or her into a level that complements existing skills.

Better English for a Better Future

Offering children’s English classes in Glasgow is a goal we have been working on for more than a year. Now that the time to start teaching is here, we are as excited as we can be to offer these courses in the classroom and online. We know that better English makes for a better future, and that’s the idea.

We want to help kids all over the world make the best possible future they can. We understand that education is a key to doing so. And at the heart of education are good language skills. Whether your child needs to learn English as a first or second language, we have the courses that make it possible. Everything we teach reinforces and enhances what your child is learning in school. This combined education will set your child up for a bright future.