The importance of brain development is vital to optimise the growth of the human brain and its function. Through studies in developmental neurobiology, it is proven that experiences in early life affects different stages of development and aiding a child’s learning, helps provide the brain with a promising beginning.

In simple terms, there are two parts to the human brain that work together and develop harmoniously to allow the brain to  function and perform to the maximum. The two parts of the brain are split into the right and left hemispheres. Both of these areas work to control parts of our body, nerves, feelings, actions and thoughts. To effectively drive beads on an Abacus, you use the action of your right hand that uses the calculating and logical thinking function of the left brain. You also use the action of your left hand that has developed the imaginary and creative function of the right brain. With both parts of the brain working together, both of your hands co-ordinate effectively and allow your brain to function to increase and work as one and increase your overall brain development.

The brain needs to be developed and challenged constantly all through life and is a highly complex organ in the human body. By developing your brain and increasing the functionality, you can also develop your other human senses. One of the best ways to begin brain function and development is to improve the growth of the brain from an early age as this has phenomenal, lifetime benefits. Abacus maths offers a way to improve this functionality and to bring a new level to learning for you child.

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Dhruv the human calculator

Dhruv displays excellent mental calculation skills

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Hafsa Malik

Hafsah shows off what she\'s been learning at the Abacus Maths Class

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Karan

Karan shows how much one can really learn in just 4 weeks!

Abacus Supermaths Glasgow Student Namit

Namit impresses us with his mental calculations