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For mastering the English language, it is important to start early in life. Parents who aspire for the success of their children must focus on giving them an early start by enrolling them in the best spoken English classes for kids. Although numerous institutions and organizations offer English courses, BYITC stands a class apart as its courses have an edge over others. We lay down five of the biggest reasons why BYITC’s English courses are amongst the top ranking in the world. Read on to find out more about best english learning courses.

Best English Learning Courses

  1. Curriculum designed by Cambridge Certified Professionals – The focal point of any course is its curriculum. A meticulously designed and well-structured curriculum is bound to make the subject easy for the pupils. Comprehensive coverage of all topics and concepts, gradual progression in the difficulty levels of the concepts, and in-depth explanation of advanced concepts along with hands-on exercises are some of the key elements of a curriculum that can truly be called world-class. The reason why BYITC’s English courses are amongst the most sought-after is their curriculum which has been designed by professionals certified by Cambridge and incorporates all the aforementioned elements.
  2. Diversity included-From a holistic perspective, a language is the sum total of several elements namely, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. Besides, mastering a language has many facets that include reading, writing, oration, listening and comprehension. The English courses offered by BYITC include all these diverse elements and emphatically focus on English grammar, vocabulary building, spelling words correctly, reading comprehension, creative writing, and confidence-building.
  3. Seasoned trainers and teachers – The teachers at BYITC are well-qualified, competent, and seasoned enough to teach English while understanding the needs of individual learners. The teachers identify the areas in which a student is lagging and each student receives personalized feedback on areas where he can improve.
  4. Technology-based learning-Long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and made online learning a necessity, BYITC championed the need to go digital and made every learning resource available through its dedicated web application.Of immense use to the students, this English app is laden with resources that help build reading, writing, and research skills that enhance the overall fluency of the student.
  5. Accent training-With so many providers of English language courses,it is difficult to tell the outstanding from the ordinary. Seldom does any English course provide accent training. The accent is one element of spoken English that is as underrated as it is important. BYITC’s English speaking courses (even those for beginners) focus on accents, pronunciations, and formal speaking. These courses also provide students exposure to global accents.


BYITC – The leader in English training

For finding the best classes for English grammar for kids, look for BYITC. Their courses, perhaps the best in the class, are designed to make English learning fun and engaging for kids. Apart from the advantages of BYITC’s English courses mentioned above, your child also receives the hands-on experience of communicating with others in English through their group discussion sessions. Help your child master English and enrol him in one of best English learning courses.

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