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The present-day demands children to develop in every aspect to secure a bright and successful future for themselves. That is why parents leave no stone unturned to provide their children with all those things necessary to excel in life. Besides, only school education cannot help young learners develop essential skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving etc. However, the online learn Abacus classes that top institutes offer can help with the same. 

How to Learn Abacus: How does it help your child?

Abacus is an ancient counting device consisting of a frame and vertical rows with numerous beads or small disks. It is an excellent means to boost your child’s mental skills and abilities. If you wish to learn Abacus ,the leading Abacus institutes offer Abacus classes online. To enrol your child, Google – Abacus classes near me and visit their official website to check out the courses. Here are some advantages your child gets from learning Abacus: 

  • It contributes to the brain development of your kid.
  • It enables the child to have better concentration and develops a creative mind.
  • It helps the students perform mental calculations effortlessly.
  • It boosts confidence and develops accuracy and speed.
  • It establishes a good hold over basic mathematics operations like addition, subtraction etc.

How to Learn Abacus: Know the Methods: An Overview! 

Abacus learning enables your children to use it by themselves. As you enrol your kids in the top Abacus institutes, efficient teaching professionals will explain the fundamental concepts to the students. Through the Finger Theory, they will introduce the Abacus and its uses to the learners. Implementing this concept, the children learn to calculate up to 99 quickly. Besides, the expert teaching professionals taking Abacus classes at renowned institutions use various engaging teaching techniques and Abacus tools to teach mental theories to children. The following are the simplest methods to learn Abacus:

  • Match My Mood: In this method to learn abacus, the beads are kept in a starting position, ensuring that all the beads in each row are on the same side. The teacher then moves some of the beads from the top row to the other side, asking the kids to do the same to the beads in the next row. 

The teacher repeats the process and goes to the next bead, changing the pattern until the children get a hold of it. For younger kids, the teaching expert might count out the number of beads, making it easy for your child to follow. 

  • Counting the Game: Here, the teacher moves a particular number of beads in the first row to one side and a few to the other, creating a partition in between. Next, they ask the students to count the beads that are moved on one side and find out how many are left. 

The above methods will help your children grasp the basic concepts and learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using an Abacus tool.


As one of the top-ranking Abacus institute, Supermaths have the most user-friendly web application that offers children the best learning experience. They follow a well-planned curriculum for students of different age groups. To reach out to them, search for Abacus Classes near me online and book a trial class.

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