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Want to make multiplication more interesting for your kids? In that case, using an abacus can be a great option. Doing multiplications on an abacus is quite simple, easy, and fast. However, knowing how to add to the abacus is a prerequisite. With the help of Abacus training online, your kids can learn the tricks and strategies to multiply numbers on the abacus. In this blog, you will get to know the steps involved in doing multiplications using an abacus. Let’s dive in!

Steps to Multiply on Abacus 

To understand multiplication using an abacus, let’s take an example. Suppose you want to multiply 6 by 4. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1 Place the abacus on a plain surface to ensure that the beads do not slide automatically without you moving them. Position all the beads on the abacus completely towards the left before you start with the multiplication.

Step 2 Take note of the first number in the multiplication question and slide that number of beads in the first row from left to right. Make sure there is sufficient space between the beads moved and the unused beads. It will help in making your calculations simple and well organised. 

Step 3 Repeat the above step as many times as the second number in the multiplication question. In this case, you are multiplying 6 by 4. That means you need to repeat the process four times. Start with the first row and then move down to the lower rows. You need to slide 6 beads from left to right in four rows. 

Step 4 The final step is to count the number of beads you have moved from left to right. It will provide you with the answer to the multiplication question. In this case, you will find that the product will be 24.  Following these steps can help you easily multiply small numbers. However, you can also multiply larger numbers with the use of an abacus. Joining the abacus maths classes can help you learn the tricks and strategies. 

How to do Multiplication using Abacus?


Benefits of Multiply on Abacus 

Abacus is an excellent alternative to calculators. Using an abacus for multiplication and other mathematical operations can provide you with several benefits. Here are a few prominent benefits. Let’s explore!

  • It makes multiplication enjoyable

Abacus is a tool that allows children to learn multiplication in a fun and engaging manner. As a result, it provides them with an enjoyable learning experience.

  • It enhances mental ability

Using an abacus for multiplication and other mathematical operations promotes the mental abilities of the children. It enables them to learn to do calculations mentally without using paper and a pen. 

  • It improves concentration

Doing multiplication using an abacus also enhances the concentration level of kids. It allows them to get accurate answers in less time.


Now that you know how to multiply using an abacus, it is time to join abacus maths classes. Supermaths can offer the best Abacus training online and improve the mathematical skills of children like never before. Enroll your children and let them learn maths in a fun way! 


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