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Want your kids to learn while they play? In that case, game-based Abacus maths can be the best option. Abacus may be a century-old tool for mathematics calculations. However, it is still relevant in the modern era. Are you wondering about the benefits of learning game-based Abacus maths? If yes, here are the 8 key benefits you must know. Let’s discover!

Learning game-based Abacus Maths

  • Boosts Memory and Concentration

According to eminent researchers, Abacus maths can have a positive impact on the memory and concentration level of kids. By using an Abacus regularly, they learn to do mathematical calculations virtually. As a result, it helps in enhancing their memory and improving concentration skills.

  • Improves Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are two vital aspects of solving maths. Mastering both may seem to be challenging. However, with online Abacus classes for beginners, it is absolutely possible. It helps kids to optimize their time in solving mathematics problems and staying accurate.

  • Makes Maths Enjoyable

Most kids do not like mathematics. Anxiety and stress are often associated with the subject. However, by enrolling your kids in the Abacus classes in Norwich, you can help reduce their stress. The game-based Abacus reduces anxiety and makes learning enjoyable for the kids.

  • Boosts Creativity

Creativity is one of the most in-demand skills in recent times. The Abacus classes in Salford can help in boosting the imagination and visualization skills of individuals. It will ultimately inspire your kids to be more creative. 

  • Boosts Imagination

By enrolling your children in the Abacus classes in Norwich, you can boost their imagination skills at an early age. The training encourages the kids to imagine an abacus and solve problems. With regular use of this technique, their imagination level increases successfully.

  • Improves Listening and Observation Skills

The game-based abacus maths is also beneficial for improving the observation and listening skills of kids. As the kids will be trained to hear the numbers just once and solve the problems, it enhances their listening skills. Moreover, by learning to process numbers in mind with a single glance, they will hone their observational skills.

  • Increases Confidence

Confidence is an important attribute your kids must have in the competitive era of today. Enrolling them in the Abacus classes in Salford can make it easy. With regular practice of Abacus maths, they feel more confident about solving maths problems. 

  • Lays a Solid Academic Foundation

No doubt, Abacus training improves the mathematical skills of the kids. However, besides that, it also lays a strong academic foundation. It inspires and encourages them to excel in all academic subjects. 


The benefits of learning game-based Abacus maths are plenty. Now that you know the prominent benefits, you must consider enrolling your kid on the Abacus classes. If you are in search of the best Abacus training classes, BYITC Supermaths Academy can be the best choice for you. Go through the Abacus learning program and enrol your children right away. Connect with professional experts and discuss your concerns.


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