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Mathematics is not only a subject our children study at school, but it also plays a significant role in our daily lives. From shopping, calculating time, distance and cost of travel to preparing food and playing games and sports, because of mathematics, everything becomes easy. Therefore, helping our children build a strong foundation in mathematics is necessary. However, not all the kids like mathematics. If your child belongs to that category, worry not! The best online Abacus classes from top international institutes can be a great means to make mathematics interesting and fun to learn. Read more about Abacus Maths & Vedic Math? 

Abacus & Vedic Maths: What is the right age to join them?

Abacus is a counting device invented thousands of years ago to calculate mathematics. Today, however, it finds primary application in teaching children easy mathematical calculations. An Abacus comprises a rectangular frame, having rods arranged vertically on which beads move up and down. Though one can learn Abacus at any age, the best time for enrolling your kids on the top-ranking Abacus institutes is within 4 to 5 years. By this age, 75% of brain development takes place in children. Therefore, enrolling your toddler into an Abacus programme will help enhance their concentration, listening capacity, logical reasoning, memorising power, mental maths ability etc. Wondering which institution is the best for Abacus learning? Google top Abacus classes near me and visit their website to get detailed information about various courses. Conversely, originating from ancient Hindu Script, the Vedas; the Vedic maths is nothing but specific sutras and sub-sutras. It offers shortcut methods and tricks for solving complex methodical problems without any trouble. Undeniably, these tricks and Vedic sutras are easy for youngsters to learn and remember. It helps the kids improve their mathematical problem-solving ability and bring better concentration and memory. As Vedic maths helps to learn shortcuts to complicated maths problems, it is ideal for kids above fourteen years of age.

Abacus vs. Vedic Maths: Which one to choose?

Both Abacus and Vedic maths generate fruitful results fostering your child’s qualities and capabilities. Besides, the leading institutes also offer online Abacus classes at cost-effective ranges. Nonetheless, you must know which training course is perfect for your kid. Here are some differences between the two: 

  • Learning Method: Abacus and Vedic maths involves two different learning methods. The former is for elementary kids learning numbers. While the latter is for older kids who know basic calculations.
  • Usage: A mental training process, kids can perform maths problems without an Abacus tool after a few months of practice. Alternatively, Vedic maths is conditional mathematics. With the application of formulas, you can easily calculate long equations.
  • Learning Tools: Abacus requires a physical tool or instrument to help the children count numbers at initial stage, later on kids do not need the Abacus tool to do calculations and they do it mentally. Whereas, for learning Vedic maths, your child does not require any calculating device.



As a renowned maths training institute, BYITC Supermaths have well-experienced teachers who are experts in Abacus and Vedic mathematics. They have BYITC Supermaths has formulated the best curriculum, refining the original concept of the Abacus. Search the best Abacus classes near me online and contact the reputed training centres to enrol your child.

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