Advantages of Abacus Maths

Gone are the days of mundane learning methodologies. Learn about benefits of our Abacus Maths classes as now is the era of intuitive game-based education to invigorating the joy of learning in kids. Youngsters are now aware of the several advantages of game based learning. The traditional Abacus has been human’s friend since ages. But many people still don’t know how to use it. Developing mathematical skills was always a tough nut to crack for an average student. However, with technology has made immense strides, today game based Abacus learning is the smartest way to develop maths skills. Read more about Advantages of Abacus Maths classes. 

What is the advantage of Abacus Maths game-based learning for your kid?

Besides being fun, interactive, and highly useful, the game based Abacus learning approach has many other benefits. Here are 5 of the most important advantages of game based learning:

  • Piqued interest – An activity that entails enjoyment piques the interest of the doer manifold. For kids, playing a game is perhaps the most enjoyable experience. So, all you need to do is blend a learning topic with an immersive game. This would soon have the kids engrossed in playing the game and learning the topic simultaneously. 
  • Stimulates imagination – With a game-based learning approach, kids can visualize 3D models in real time and at scale. This makes learning not just more enjoyable but more contextual also. Besides, game-based learning helps stimulate the cognitive as well as the affective sides of the brain.
  • Quantifies learning – With points to be scored at each level of the game, the learning experience of kids can be quantified with a game-based learning approach. This paves way for a highly personalized learning experience for each kid. Based on the points each kid scores, the difficulty level can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Longer retention – Learning through the use of visual elements such as photos, videos, simulations, etc. is not just easier than learning through just text but is also long-lasting. The responses game-based learning evokes in kids tend to stick in their brains for longer.
  • Failures are no more disheartening – One of the most needed advantages of game based learning is the normalization of failure. It provides the learner with ample scope to make mistakes, not feel bad about them, and improve the next time.

How Game-based Abacus Maths application works?


Enrol your kid in the finest Abacus classes to experience the Advantages of Abacus Maths

The game-based learning approach is the modern-day pedagogy that is turning out to be extremely effective in training young minds. The gamification of the Abacus has made it easier for children to master the use of the Abacus. To effectively train your kid for using the Abacus to perform mathematical calculations expeditiously, you must consider enroling him in an Abacus class that amalgamates gaming with teaching.

If you reside in North East Scotland and have been looking for the best game based learning classes in Aberdeen for your kid, BYITC Supermaths would be the go-to destination. Hailed as the leader in imparting advantages of game based learning with a difference, BYITC Supermaths’ Abacus classes aim for the holistic brain development of your kid. Not just Aberdeen, BYITC also offers game based Abacus Maths learning classes in Glasgow to help kids ace the skills necessary for performing mathematical calculations swiftly.

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