Mathematics often involves complex calculations. Mental calculation skills are crucial to stay ahead in the highly competitive world. To sharpen one’s brain for performing complex Mathematical calculations mentally, online Abacus Maths learning is one of the most useful resources in the present day. An amelioration to this resource is the concept of game based Abacus Maths learning, which offers several benefits when it comes to teaching kids Maths the easy way. Let’s find out the advantages Of Games Based Abacus Maths and how you can get your child to master Mental Maths easily.

Advantages Of Games Based Abacus Maths:

  • Motivation – For learning a subject like Mathematics which is considered dry and boring by many students, one needs the right motivation. For kids, what could be a better motivator than games? Once children know they are going to be involved in playing a game, they would voluntarily and freely choose to be involved. This makes game based abacus maths learning the easiest and perhaps the best way to get kids to learn and master Mathematics. 
  • Better retention – One of the major factors at work behind the triggering of neural connections in the brain is the enthusiasm to be involved in an activity. When online Abacus Maths learning is based on games, children participate with zeal and enthusiasm, which creates strong neural connections that help kids retain the learning for longer.
  • Real-life applications – A common question raised by kids who don’t like Mathematics and those who love it is whether Maths is going to be of any use in real life. As adults, we all are well aware of how important Maths is not just in our everyday lives but also in many specialized fields. However, owing to their limited understanding and comprehension, kids cannot easily perceive the real-life importance of Maths. With a game-based Abacus maths learning approach for teaching kids Mental Maths, they are put in different meaningful situations inside the game where they need to apply Mathematical calculations to get through a level. This helps them practically understand how important Maths is in our everyday lives.
  • Positive outlook – With most children living under the fear of Mathematics, the biggest advantage of game-based approach is that it helps kids develop a positive attitude towards Maths by reducing the fear of failure.
  • Independent involvement – In an online Abacus Maths learning class, the rules are set and, therefore, the involvement of a teacher is minimal. Thus, kids can work independently of the teacher.


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