Dr Rashmi Mantri Interview with AwazFM

Dr Rashmi Mantri was once again invited to appear on national radio this week after her interview with the BBC in January (click here to see that). This time it was with AwazFM where Dr Mantri spoke passionately about Supermaths, her background, inspiration and her opinion on the education system and how to improve it. These are just some of the topics covered.

It was appropriate that Rashmi was invited to speak on International Women’s Day as the importance of women in areas such as computing science was discussed.

Rashmi made the point that although women are doing well in these fields, no nation in the world can reach its full potential until their women reach their full potential.

In the interview Dr Mantri also spoke about her inspiration in life, her great family support and her reasons for doing what she does. Mainly to spread what she learned in her studies to children , to help them in their life and ensure they can achieve all they can without being left behind.

You can see her in action in the video at the top of this page.