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Even though the Abacus is one of the oldest tools of arithmetic calculations, many parents come to us with the query what Abacus maths. However, when we explain it to them, they generally acknowledge its use or playing with it in their childhoods. This makes it easier for us to explain to them the benefits of enrolling their kids in Supermaths.

Abacus Maths: What is an abacus

We have a very simple explanation of what Abacus is. Simply speaking, the Abacus consists of a counting frame that is divided into a smaller upper deck and a larger lower deck. Both the parts have vertical rods with beads.

The Chinese abacus has 5 beads on each vertical rod in the lower part and 2 beads on each of the upper rods. The modern Abacus or the soroban has 4 beads per rod in the lower section and 1 bead per rod in the upper section.

Once we have satisfied the query, what Abacus is, we help kids understand the value of the beads. We teach them to think of the beads as numbers. Each bead in the upper deck values 5 while those in the lower deck, each has a value of 1.

Abacus Maths: Counting on the abacus

Once the kid is well versed with the values of the beads, we teach him to do simple calculations by moving the beads up or down. Kids might take some time to get used to this and all Supermaths. We train our Abacus teachers  specifically to teach kids to calculate using the abacus. By repeatedly making them do simple and easy calculations, the teachers incorporate what abacus is, into their system.

We also start teaching the finger technique to the kids by this point. Mastering the finger technique is an important part of educating the kids on what abacus is. Once they know how to use their fingers in moving the beads, the eye, hand and brain coordination improves. They also gain proficiency in using the abacus.

To count the beads, the kids have to move the beads towards the dividing beam. We take the beads which are near or are touching the beads as counted.

As the kids start to progress through the levels of abacus learning, the answer to the query what abacus is, becomes clearer to them. From finger techniques, they move on to the abacus maths. We teach the kids to perform complex calculations just by visualising the abacus in their minds. This is the last stage of the process of understanding what abacus is.

As the kids complete the levels, we issue certificates as recognition of their hard work. This encourages them to progress further up the levels. Therefore, if you want your kids to know what abacus is and to benefit from it, contact us immediately!

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