Homeschooled Education

Homeschooling, also termed elective home education, essentially involves the choice of parents to not send their children to study a well-decided curriculum in a traditional school set-up. Mostly conducted by parents, tutors, or nowadays (especially after the Covid-19 pandemic) online teachers or education perfectionists, homeschooling happens to be a continuous process emphasizing the need to learn according to their individual abilities and interests. The concept of homeschool education is vastly based on the personalized or individualized informal methods of learning like observation, demonstration, and do-it-yourself (DIY) throughout the learner’s day. Needless to mention, online homeschool programs are not centred on the idea of a child striving to acquire a mere certificate. Its objective is to keep homeschooled teen’s brain mentally sharp and acquire career building skills.

Homeschooled Education

Reasons Parents Opt for Homeschooling

The following are some of the major reasons parents choose to homeschool their children:-

1. Dissatisfaction with the public school system.

2. If a child suffers from disorders such as autism.

3. If a child or teen is highly intellectual or possesses a temperament different than that possessed by average kids his age.

4. If a child is engaged in some sports such as cricket, football, or hockey, etc. and at the same time, also needs to complete formal education.

5. If a child belongs to a family that travels frequently, thus finding it is difficult to enroll him in a regular school.

Homeschooling – Advantages

As opposed to the traditional classroom-based model of learning, there are numerous benefits of homeschooling, the most important ones being-

    • Individual-based learning – Homeschooling concentrates on individuals, unlike conventional schools where 30 to 40 children are made to learn the same topic, without emphasizing paying individual attention to the progress of each child.
    • Healthy environment – Homeschooled teens enjoy studying in a healthy and bully-free environment.
    • No restricted time – In homeschooling, a child learns within his/her choicest hours when he/she is ready to learn or, at times, when they learn naturally or even unknowingly at times.
    • No exam phobia – Some kids feel stressed during exam duration, which reflects negatively on their overall personality. Homeschooling, which is either completely or partially free from exam pressure or stress, is a boon for such kids.

Ways to Keep Your Homeschooled Teen’s Brain Fit and Sharp

To enhance their cognitive development and help them achieve their optimum potential, it is crucial to keep your homeschooled teen’s brains sharp and fit. Here are but a few ways to dos so.

1. Mental games – Engage your teen in mental games by making them solve a puzzle, sudoku, or chess. Such games promote critical thinking and memory.

2. Learning Abacus Online Abacus Classes have been considered one of the most effective techniques for mental development and keeping children’s minds sharp and active. It also helps them become better at mathematics.

3. Regular indulgence in sports – Encourage your home-schooled child to play games like football, volleyball, hockey, and cricket regularly.

4. Music – One need not be an audiophile to appreciate the calming effect music has on our senses. Besides calming our nerves and senses, soothing music sharpens the brain and makes it healthy.

5. Socializing healthily – Parents should encourage teens to build and maintain good peer groups or socialize in neighborhoods. It is a scientifically proven fact that teens who socialize tend to become fast learners and are more intelligent than those who do not.

6. Meditation and yoga – Yoga cleanses the body, mind and soul, keeping them fresh and vivified. Meditation has been proven to be beneficial in keeping the brain healthier. Yoga, on the other hand, keeps us energetic and full of vigour.

7. Healthy diet – A sound mind lives in a sound body. To keep their homeschooled teen’s minds sharp and fit, parents should make them consume a diet full of all the necessary nutrients – carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, Omega3 or iron, etc.

8. Sound and restful sleep – Sound and sufficient sleep are necessary for the brain to work more accurately and sharply.


Homeschooling enjoys an edge over the traditional schooling system in many respects. To reap the fruits of the various homeschooling advantages, it is necessary to enroll your teen in a quality online education program. BYITC’s online education curriculum is designed to stimulate the intellectual nerves of teens, thereby making them smarter and sharper than their school-going counterparts.

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