The abacus is a very interesting tool for calculation that makes it easy for children to understand the meaning of numbers and perform calculations. All simple and complex calculations can be done using it. What is more interesting is the fact that even decimal number calculations can be done using the abacus.

One question we, at Supermaths, frequently encounter is how to use an abacus. The fact that parents are as interested in knowing the working of the abacus as their kids help us reiterate the importance of the Abacus in the brain development of a child.

Advanced researches have proven that kids use both sides of their brain till the age of 12 after which the left side of the brain becomes more active. Our how to use an abacus programs focus on teaching abacus to kids in the age group of 6 to 12years. According to medical research, that is the time when a child’s brain is most active.

Benefits of learning abacus

We have devised our how-to use an abacus math program in such a way that maths becomes fun for kids. Participating in this program helps kids in many other ways.

Helps build self-esteem

Once kids start mastering the basics of how to use an abacus they start applying it in their daily lives. As they progress further, they help parents with slightly complex calculations leaving the parents pleasantly surprised.

Increase self-confidence

With a rise in self-esteem, these kids become adventurous and start opting for complex challenging calculations. The more they can solve them, the more confident they become. We have seen this happen in almost all kids who take up our how to use an abacus course.

Brain development

With our abacus program enhancing the development of both sides of the brain, there is a marked change in the kid’s ability to pay attention, memory retention, power of reasoning, critical problem-solving skills etc.

The right side of the brain deals with creativity, imagination and visualization. As we cross levels of the “how to use an abacus” program and progress towards the later stages, we teach the kids to visualize the abacus and calculate mathematical problems mentally. This further enhances their skills for imagination and visualization.

By awakening the right side of the brain and making it as dominant as the left side helps both to work in tandem. Consequently, after the completion of our how to use an abacus course, our students become proficient in arithmetic, mental maths and every such field that requires the brain to process numbers.

With so much to gain, your kids deserve a chance to attend our “how to use an abacus program. Come, enrol your kids and see them have fun learning maths!