Every parent knows how important maths are to educational success and career development in the modern world. Not being skilled at maths puts one at a disadvantage in so many areas of life. As a parent yourself, you want the best for your children, regardless of their age. You want your kids to do well in every aspect – including maths. Now you can make that happen with maths tuition in Glasgow at the Supermaths Academy.

The Academy offers a comprehensive programme for teaching maths to students over 30 months utilising ten different levels of instruction. Students can begin as young as six years old. Supermaths Academy’s secret to success lies in its proven abacus training strategy. This strategy is based on the trusted calculation tool that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Abacus Mental Maths Development

Basing maths instruction on the abacus principle opens the door to greater exploration of more advanced maths principles. More importantly, it gives the Academy’s fully trained teachers an opportunity to guide students in developing mental maths skills. The effectiveness of those skills is proven time and again by students able to complete complex calculations in their minds faster than they could by using a calculator.

The Supermaths Academy has posted a video on its website demonstrating the incredible speed at which students can calculate maths equations in their heads. You can see them visualizing the abacus to make calculations as quickly as the instructor can speak them, finally arriving at the correct answer each and every time.

Preparing Kids for the Future

Our national skills in maths have certainly declined over the last few decades. This has led to the UK falling behind in some areas of technology education and training. The Supermaths Academy intends to change that. It is teaching kids fundamental skills that are preparing them for the future while, at the same time, making maths a fun and enjoyable activity.

Is your child struggling with maths? Do you find yourself unable to help because you struggle yourself? If so, we recommend maths tuition in Glasgow – particularly at the Supermaths Academy. Your children will thrive as they learn the fastest and most effective way to do maths without the need for a calculator. And once they master maths, they may even have the confidence to tackle other challenges they would otherwise not even consider.

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