Our Journey

Seeing a child conduct himself with confidence is perhaps one of the best moments of happiness and pride for a parent. We, at Supermaths, an Abacus Maths institute of repute, strive to ensure that feeling of pride in every parent who enrol their kids here. We have perfected the technique of ensuring holistic development in your child through Abacus Maths.

Abacus Maths

Consequently, today we are one of the best Abacus Maths institute in the UK. We believe that Maths is one of the best subjects for a child to learn. However, the traditional methods make it seem like a jumble of numbers, formulae and procedures. This makes the kids lose interest in a vital subject that is closely related to the development of the personality of a kid. However, when you enroll your kids at our Abacus Maths institute they regain their interest as learning Maths with an Abacus is interesting and fun.

Why choose Supermaths

Several reasons justify your choice of entrusting your kids to us.

  • We offer affordable Abacus courses in our Maths institute
  • Your kids can learn Abacus online using our user-friendly web application
  • Our teachers are specially trained and selected from local regions
  • As the best Abacus institute, we also offer certificates as kids progress from one level to another
Our mission and vision

The idea of Supermaths was conceptualized by Dr. Rashmi Mantri. She is an educator par excellence, who with her unique vision has modeled Supermaths. Supermaths has become the best Abacus institute today. Research shows that the age of 6 to 12 years is the best time for brain development in kids. It is our vision and mission at Supermaths, Abacus institute to capitalize on this.  We introduce kids to Abacus in such a way that  it becomes second nature to them. During this age range, kids use both sides of their brains. This enhances their sense of imagination and visualization.  Thereby making it easy to learn the Abacus modules offered by us at Supermaths, the best Maths institute in the UK.


We have  developed a unique Abacus learning program for kids. And as the best Abacus Maths institute, we urge parents not to let this stage of brain development to go waste. When parents come to us to inquire about the benefits of the Abacus, we explain to them how the three stages of Abacus learning from our  maths institute help kids gain self-confidence. The kids start believing in their abilities. This makes them better individuals so they fare much better in life later on. So get in touch with us soon! We have just the spot available for your child!

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