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Kids Having Fun In Abacus Online Class

An abacus enables kids to calculate using an abacus rod. This rod has a rectangular frame with several vertical rods present within it. Each of the rods contains a certain number of beads that can be moved up and down. An abacus is also divided into an upper section and a lower section.

Learning to use the abacus enables kids to enhance their skill for doing mental calculations. Thus, they can add, subtract, multiply and divide faster. While there is no doubt about the usefulness of the Abacus for dong mathematical calculations, the fact that it has other advantages also, is rarely noticed. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Increases the kid’s level of concentration
  2. Enhances the skills of observation and listening
  3. Improves their imagination
  4. Sharpens their memory
  5. Speed and accuracy of mathematical calculations get better


When they were first introduced, kids needed to go to school to learn the same. Now teaching kids the joys of the abacus has become easy. They can also be taught to use the abacus remotely.

But kids need to have fun while learning; they need to learn while playing. Teaching abacus online enables a teacher to use different colours to capture and retain the interest of the child. It is well known that kids remember better when they are taught to have fun and play while learning.

Teaching kids Abacus virtually helps to make the kids more kinaesthetic and visual than adults. These classes benefit kids, teachers and parents by:

  • Instantly evaluating the assignments and tests set for the kids and letting them know the results
  • The software used enables kids to use the same portal to do and submit their classwork and homework thereby making the process easier
  • The software also provides parents with weekly updates that specifically mention the progress made by their children
  • Since both the teachers and students can see each other, it becomes easy for teachers to perform a quick assessment of their students
  • Teachers can assess the homework, guide kids with doubts and queries and make them understand where they are going wrong
  • The software also auto-generates student-specific report cards so that both teachers and students can understand where they stand and how well they complement each other
  • The use of superlative visuals and interesting animations help kids to understand even the toughest of levels with ease
  • Assignment allocation is pre-scheduled so that teachers can judge if the student has understood what has been taught
  • Assignments submitted by the students are also auto-evaluated

As kids grow, the level of the Abacus teaching program also increases. Along with the most common mathematical functions, they also learn to understand how to calculate complex numbers like decimals.

Teaching kids online also enables teachers to give the kids individual attention. This establishes a good rapport with the teacher. Teachers can make use of this to make the classes interesting. Since Abacus can become monotonous as one goes up the levels, incorporating innovation and making the classes interesting can help overcome the same. This will enable kids to have fun while learning the joys of Abacus online.

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